Good dog for stoner?

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    This dog is probably the best choice. Really adorable, SUPER easy to take care off, don't really have to train it, doesn't shed, etc. Super cuddly too<3
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    Fuggin' Saint Bernards. They're like a big ass pillow that walks and can carry a barrel of booze (or a stoner kit) around it's neck.... Fuck yeah...
  3. Considering you mentioned how lazy you are I would avoid Boxers. Mine still needs two hours a day just to keep him from sprinting around the house like a mad man. And hes 8.

    Go to a rehoming shelter and ask the volunteers/ workers there if there is any lazy dogs or even older dogs.
  4. Bloodhounds
  5. basset hounds :3 they are super chilll
  6. I get the whole thing that everyone loves dogs and shit. But a cat is the perfect stoner animal. I have a cat and she just smokes and chills with me all day. Plus cats are easy maintenance and not as much work as a dog. c:
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    Beagle mix with Coonhounds, aka Treeing Walker Coonhounds. Chillest dogs known to man

  8. With all due respect, I'm concerned about "had to go" what does that mean? Not knowing what or how significant the dominance and aggression issues were or any of the details, does not help either and I know that's your business. I just do not want to see you get another dog and have it not work out either. Make sense?
    I have two adopted dogs. One was a mostly Lab but some Chow puppy weighing 19 pounds when we got her, now Zoe and somewhere around 90 pounds. The other Rockie, a male was around 3 or 4 years old, already at 80 pounds and back then solid muscle. A lab/chow mix. Very well behaved, voice trained to sit, stay, come, down, house trained and quiet! The female I took to training at Petsmart and it helped. All was fine until a small white terrier from across the street broke it's tether and attacked Zoe. Both Zoe and Rockie were on leashes, since there is a leash law where we live and btw, there is a law against tethering dogs. This dog bit Zoe around the neck several times where her fur is thick, so it didn't bother her, but then it bit her nose. She'd never been bitten before, never been in a fight, so she backed off. Rockie apparently knew what he was doing, he waited for the little dog to let go of Zoe and then chomped down on his head.

    Long story short, I had to pry the little guy out of Rockie's mouth, the little buger bit me in the process, so he got taken away for 10 days after I handed him back to the neighbor kids who owned him. They hated me until they moved away.

    Rockie became people/dog aggressive then and has been ever since. Not his fault the way I see it and he's my responsibility. Sad thing is, we can't walk him now, he tries to "get" any and all other dogs now, loose, on leashes, and behind fences. Last time we had him out years ago, he tried to get a kid down the block when he threw his bike down and I guess Rockie saw that as a threat. The child was scared very badly and scratched up a bit, thankfully no more and the parents were dog owners and very understanding.

    We have a small backyard and we keep it cleaned up so he and Zoe can run around it somewhat, but that's about it. Can't really use the local dog park. We may try him out again since he's older now and mellowed some, but my point is when you adopt or buy however acquire a pet it's a lifetime responsibility the way I see it.

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  10. many boxers or bulldogs are realy lazy
  11. Open apology to GanjFarmer610.

    I get the impression I offended you even though that was not my intent. If so, I apologize. I don't even know that I can get my point across clearly, but I assure you, it's not to piss off another stoner and or animal lover.

    Say the word and I'll delete my other post?
  12. Get a big ol' floofy dog that has fur over its eyes.
  13. I know a couple stoners with rat terriers. Pretty chill companions.
  14. Me deleting the post had nothing to do with you. I fucked it up and was just to high and lazy to fix it. Sorry if it came across another way.
  15. Lab. They will just love you and play and chill with you. My old black l Labrador followed me everywhere and never did anything bad except pooping and peeing. And a little biting during teething stage.

  16. the average life span is 8-10 yrs

    I got blue heeler aka australian cattle dog shes a lazy dog inside hyper dog outside perfect mix
  17. English or French bulldogs. My ***** Earl is lazy as fuck, just sleeps eats and shits all day. Well I mean he wants to play sometimes as well but he's only 8 months old still.
    (He's a English Bulldog)

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