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Good deal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by grassisgreener1, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I bought 2 bags for $60 yesterday and it smells mad strong and the high is pretty good but Im not sure if I got ripped off or not. These are some fat bags and the bud is good quality but should I be looking for more bud for my money in the future? [​IMG]

    Chap Stick for size reference.
  2. 60 gets most people an 1/8th of yeah it looks like you got ripped because thats not close to 3.5 grams.
  3. yeah you got ripped off... looks like you might have 2g right there... worth $25-$30 haha anyway you can get a scale and weigh it out?
  4. A g goes for $20 in my area. The guy said the bags were 1.5 g's each and they look to be about 1.5 each. I'm not sure tho...
  5. To me that looks like a little more than 1 g all together.

  6. yeah a gram goes for $20 here too... but if you buy a half 8th that is 1.7g for $25, and an 8th is 3.5g for $50. No way you have 3g there though... I'm not even sure if you have 2g there. Looks like about 3 bowls worth to me, not anywhere near an 8th
  7. those dcould be half 8ths (but i doubt it)

    which are 1.7 grams or so

    which would make it an alright deal if its good trees

    in most areas

    if you paid sixty for both its almost deffinately a poor deal

    itd be tough to fit 8ths into those little bags, but its certainly possible


    you can brick a zip of trees down to the size of a thimble

    if you get a scale in the future

    sixty bucks should usually get you an 8th (which is 3.5 grams) of quality trees

    this is an extreme generalization

    but a good rule of thumb
  8. Can someone post a pic of what a g looks like? The g's around here are about the size of a quarter and packed maybe 2/5th of an inch fat if its laying on its side.
  9. dude you got ripped off!! call tha mofo, stick a gun in his face and tell him to give you the rest
  10. Hes a good friend. He didnt mean to rip me off. These are the standard sized bags around these parts. I just want to know the size of a g bag for future references.
  11. Those bags are probably a gram, so you paid 30$ a gram. No one throws 1.5g in a gram bag, if it was it would be bursting. You got rippeed. That is the standard sized g bags...
  12. The bags were bursting. It was so filled, the bag wouldnt close properly. its hard to tell from the pics.
  13. u got ripped man.
  14. No, trust me I've filled many gram bags, that right there is two grams. You can tell from the pics that it's not bursting, by bursting I mean the bag would of ripped. Tell you're buddy that he gave you two grams and that you want the rest.

    I'm going to guess the guys a street dealer, he stands on a corner or else he deals at school? Those guys always bag their shit out in grams or .5s, never 1.5 in one bag never seen that before. But yeah its two grams.

  15. an ounce into the size of a thimble? Are you on crack? You are telling me that you could fit an ounce inside of that little baggie in the pic (cuz that's about the size of a thimble)
  16. Yeah hes on crack. Hes on the wrong forum. But its some pretty good shit. Hes a friend that called me up and asked me if I needed. I'll just use better judgement next time. The bags were pretty filled, the shit is mad dank, and I get high so I'm ok with it. not happy but ok.
  17. No offence but at those prices an eigth would run you $ should not be happy or okay with it at all. Glad you're getting high but you're also getting ripped off badly!

  18. yeah you just pretty much paid cocaine prices for MJ lol
  19. kinda ironic your saying hes in the wrong forum, this is a pretty amateur question in the seasoned tokers thread.

    but ya even if that was 3 grams, which it isnt, you would still be getting shorted since the standard 8th is 3.5 grams for $60. not to good of a friend in my opinion
  20. Oh well... live and learn i guess

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