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good deal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Markcus, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. paid 60$ for an 8th, is that good?

  2. Depends on quality, strain, and region
  3. yeah i figured, was just wondering what other people got for 60$...
    $60? that would get me at least a quarter of top shelf at my local dispensary.
    ^ - - That is the honest truth, unfortunately. If you live in a dry area, you pay dry prices.
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  5. 40 for an 8th around here
  6. Where I live $60 for an 8th is expensive. I get 8th's for $35.
  7. $60 for an eighth is normal around here.
  8. not really, about average depending where you live 
  9. :eek: outrageousss. I would be sober  24/7 there :hide:
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  10. ahh wow.. i live on the east coast
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    Yeah it's normal on the east (For high-quality), $20 a G, $60 a 3.5, $100 a 7, $180-200 14, $300-320 for 28. 

    I usually buy the most I can, to save the most money, usually end up not spending much at all after I go through an O
  12. Man that's highway robbery. I realize that it's supply and demand but the people supplying it are greedy as fuck
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  13. yeah kinda thought it was a little high but idk
  14. Oh it may be perfectly normal in your area. But I'm from southern Ontario, 35/eighth
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    Same prices in Texas. Actually, these prices are normal in most places. Only people on the west coast find them outrageous apparently, lol.
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  17. $60 is straight price for bud in my area, NJ. You didn't get a bargain but you didn't get ripped off if its dank
  18. I pay 45 an 8th but shit a lot of people pay 60$ where I'm at on east coast

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  19. No its not. I get my eigths for 30 on a bad day
  20. 40 for an 1/8 of neighborhood mid

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