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good deal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kushism818, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I went to a collective and paid $45 for a 5 gram 8th of Blue Cheese. I dont know if I should worry if I paid too much for this.. Smell isnt strong but it is cheesy..
  2. Nice. Will try it ..
  3. $9/g that's a deal my friend.
  4. 5-gram 8th:confused:

  5. a 1g blunt with hash got me trippen... keeps you very awake and active
  6. If it gets you nice and medicated, for $9/g, that's a pretty nice deal. Nugs look pretty frosty as well.
  7. thats a sweet deal and some sweet looking buds.
    blaze those frosty ass buds up for me :) man
  8. Thats a super solid deal. Also look at it this way, your going to a collective to purchase cannabis legally under your states constitution. It is handed to you in a medicine bottle(pill bottle) and you get to pick out any strain that the collective has to offer and you pay for a 5 gram 8th? an 8th is 3.5 grams. Its a deal
  9. yeah its pretty good... but i can get stronger medicine for this price.

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