Good deal or not? Triple Honeycomb, Ash Cather, Ice catcher 300

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  1. I bought this MN Legit piece for 300$ at Hideaway. It is so smooth and the glass is very thick. I have a volcano which I have used for years and just bought my first bong. I want to see what people think, did I get a good deal? The Ash Catcher is Delta Nine.


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  2. Nice looking piece. How's the drag? That's a lot of diffusion
  3. I actually don't know exactly what drag is. I have been smoking for years but mainly vaporizers. Most of my friends all have crappy bongs. I believe drag Is how hard you have to pull to clear the piece? Well comparing it to my friends it not only is easier to clear but also nowhere close to the feeling you get when you clear it. I have yet to cough from taking a hit. Is a lot of diffusion bad? Should I change the set up? I don't know much about water bongs :/ Thanks a lot.
  4. A lot of diffusion isn't bad per se, it just increases the drag. Depending on how smooth you need the smoke to be, this can be a good or a bad thing.  
    I'm not familiar with the brand, but the honeycomb percs look like they have a lot of holes and they look well made. Looks like you got a good piece.
  5. It's locally made in Minnesota. But yea it seems to hit fine haha. Good to hear about the number of holes in the honeycomb. I didn't even know what to get I told them my price limit and they found me something. Hah didn't even know what honeycomb was. Thanks a lot for the response. Feels good to hear I got a good deal.
  6. if you bought that in a retail headshop i think 300 is a fair price
    its cool to support your LHS and local artists
  7. Drag is a subjective thing man, a couple of my friends actually like it, so much so they refuse to hit my showercap cos he likes the 30 second clear time on his inline to 22 arm, but basically what drag is (from how I understand it) is how long/hard you have to pull the clear the chamber, I think some other people also use it as a term for how hard you have to pull just to get the bong to bubble :) diffusion is also a subjective thing as you trade tasty weedy rips for smoother easier rips :) either way man that looks like a really setup hope I helped :)
  8. Nice piece, though not sure about the price really, I was searching around for a sherlock these days and I saw a similar wp on smokewire double honeycomb and it comes together with a 4 arm perc ashcatcher I think price was 200 bucks...there is a video review on site so you could compare qulity maybe...from you picture I think that your model is a bit taller then the one I saw on smokewire...Did you buy local? Its for sure a very nice piece of glass, enjoy it!
  9. honeycombss are basically dragless
  10.  Yes I did buy it local. Its about 2 feet tall. I bet the 200 dollar one is the same.
  11. Dude, that looks like an awesome set up for 300, mega snaps all day.
  12. Bad ass bong but idk about 300$. Maybe 250?dOtDaG42
  13. Where you get that bowl ?Nice ass piece by the way;
  14.  I got the bowl from Hideaway. It is a local headshop in MN that has a warehouse where they have workers that blow glass. The name of the brand they make is MN Legit. The bowl was only 14 dollars haha.  
  15. Thanks! I'll check if i can get it on the internet,it's pretty clean !
  16. That.. is a beautiful piece. I would pay it just to buy locally and get it immediately.
  17. You can give them a call and check if they have on stock and if they actually ship their merchandise:
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    Yea I would do that. They have WAYYY more stuff in store than online.
     Here is a pic of where to find the slides if you discuss over the phone so they know which ones your talking about.  If you look on the very far right in the glass case you see 14.99. Those are the ones.
  19. wow big collection :)

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