good deal on coco coir & question for coco growers

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheFxckingHero, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. I've decided on growing soilless next grow... using coco coir, either by itself or mixed with another soilless medium... heard it's pretty expensive, but found a good deal here, so sharing with you all incase anyone else decides to go coco...

    I did the math, and it works out to $13 for 18.5 american gallons... made by botanicare... it's good quality and low in sodium... I'm thinking it will work just as well as canna coco, but at a lower price since it does not have "canna" in the name... not advertising that it's directly related to growing cannabis... lol..

    I think 2 bags of this will be plenty for me for next grow with my space limitations... anyways, just putting out some info for anyone interested... :)

    for arse, tetra, bopper, or anyone else who already grows in coco and waters by hand... how often is watering necessary? I may have to set up a drip system to use instead depending on long it holds water...
  2. Watering isn't too much of a problem. They need more watering than an equivalent soil grow, but there isn't a massive difference. As long as you can get to water them every day or every other day you won't need a drip system. I'd say that coco probably holds about 50% less water than the equivalent volume of water, but they certainly drink a lot more in the coco as well.

    As for the brand, well I'm using canna coco and that's all I've tried so I can't speak for any other brand. Tetra has tried a few though and has had very different results in the different grow mediums. Check out his coco growing guide (link to it is in the first post of my thread somewhere), he talks about the different results he's had with different coco.
  3. thanks... think you can give a rough estimate of how much nutes I'll need? looking at canna coco... how quickly are you going through them? what size bottle do you recommend? I think I may sea of green with max plants from now on, because i'm setting up a seperate veg area, so less nutes will be needed than with your large plants...

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