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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Androo, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. i got this for fity ($50) and he said it was an 1/8th, but im mentally challenged so i dont know shit, tell me if this good deal so i can deal wit him again..

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  2. 2nd...

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  3. looks like a skimp 1/8 to me...... buy a scale... only way to be sure...:)
  4. what does thislook like then mula wise?
  5. You may be a little short on that eighth, but it's hard to tell because bud density makes a diff. How good is it? It looks pretty good, but how quickly does it affect you? Quality obviously affects worth.
  6. dudee dudddeee, i just smoked 2 bowls of that shit.... man
    my fruit loops are fucking moving and shit, i got my 3d glasses on and nice candle,.. life is gooood man this shit is fucking worth all what i paid. yea dude what it mean if i feel like my glasses are bolten on my head and my eyes are wavy and like liquidfied.... is that a GOOD thing? yea i dont car what i payed but its good shit what you say now? <<---- BAKED !!!
  7. I had some good stuff that looked a little better than that and I tried seeing how little it would take to get pretty good. I smoke 3 small tokes and ended up sitting outside staring at my glass piece for nearly an hour. I think overall I was pretty stoned for about 3 hours. Now that was some good shit.
  8. yea dude i smoked some more of that and im still stoned,,, dammmn it some good stuff with ladies, but she left :(
  9. yea dude, it could be right but ya never know..looks like less than an eighth but sometimes a little bud like that can weigh a lot more than you expected it to can never really tell by just looking, always best to have a scale around :)
  10. Damn for 50 bucks id hook ya with a fist full o' buds no scale at my pad, just handfuls. That better set you on a another planet for 50 bucks. you mustlive in NYC. A pound of blueberry hits the street at about 7,000$

    Peace GB
  11. lol 7k???=P I get blueberry the same prices as krypto

  12. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha........ ok now that i almost fell off my chair laughing an all.....

    ny isn't nearly as pricey as everyne thinks.....honeslty...i'd know.... i live here...:D.... but aside from that...... i've purchases a 'bag' of weed or two in my day.... i can tell you that no blue berry is gonna be up at 7g's a most you'd pay 5 -5.5 thousand.... but thats even high.....

    the most expensive budd you can buy here is pepper (nyc diesel) and that at its most expensive ever tops out at 6 thsouand......but its also some of the best budds i've smoked ever....or g-13 ich is in the same price rage....

    unless your a complete and total idiot who likes losing thousands of wouldn't buy a p for 7g's.... unless you were buying it in $20 bags... haha

    not tryin to say your lying or what not....or to be a pain in the ass..... im just saying based on what i see from first hand expiriance....
  13. what should i say then to the dealer to give me more next time? im still high man, shiiet
  14. That looks like a 8th if not more to me some compressed dank shit there dude.
  15. Looks like the mid I get for 50 a quarter. I wouldn't pay but 20-25 for that. But I do admit, it does look dank.
  16. i wish i had a better digi cam, so i could take closeups.... so i got ripped or what? 20-25 for that? shit man where do you live
  17. Fuck, I'd say it was worth about $40. Not a whole lot more tho. And if I could get something like that for $25 I wouldn't be smoking what I usually smoke.
  18. that why you we all should grow our own weed! then it wouldnt matter, cause you could pay YOURSELF like $100 and be like, yeah I paid $100 for this gram, did I get ripped off? And people would be like, "SHIT YEAH,,, im baked too bra. I think mabye ill get some more of my FREEE weed from my neighbor! SHAKA!
  19. well for 50 bucks i can get just about a half ounce. i live in british columbia thats why! what u got is a phat 15 sack here in b.c no jokes no lies just k-smalls and the rest of grass city gettin high!!!!!
  20. i live in sf also so i dunno if prices are higher here or something, ill just find a new dealer or somethign i dun wanna deal with everyones bull shit mayne.... i got food on the table so im out... for like 20 min haha... laatteezzzz

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