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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Blueflame1986, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Post about what drugs you just picked up. People can then rate you on your purchase and decide if you got a good deal, a bad deal, or just got ripped off. I'll start.

    20 percocet, 10 vicodin, and 5 codeine - 80$
    Opiates are VERY hard to come by around here...

    Keep it going! :smoke:
  2. I'm in the middle of extracting 5g propylhexedrine hcl. Paid ~$60, will make a couple hundred back on it, and get to speed.

    Profit and uppers legally for basically free money. Can't beat it!

    Nice Pickup OP, you got a great deal on that shit man
  3. 120 for 100$

  4. *cough cough* wanna go on a vacation?
  5. I would definatly pay that, depending on mg. Love me some addies....
  6. Not quite sure what that is. I'm guessing an opiate of some kind?
  7. Nope, it's a legal upper thats about 1/5th as strong as amphetamine. Gives a more euphoric feeling instead of that straight grinding speed.

    It's nice, easy to extract (if you know what you're doing), and completely legal. No hassles from the pigs and no huge bail! Win-Win
  8. 10mg...caps...extended release
  9. Yup sounds good to me. I like extended release better
  10. got a nice gram of black tar heroin for $75, its usually $50 but this shit is killer, and an OZ of mids for $60. feelin great.
  11. Not sure on the quality of the mids but $60 sounds like a killer deal.

    For myself havent really picked up anything besides cash recently. Made $60 at school two days ago.:D
  12. 10 bucks for 2 hits of e
  13. 21 lortab 7.5's

    wait for it

    wait for it

    20 bucks

    yay insurance
  14. 60mg of atavan or klonopin every month, thank you medicaid!

    Free too!

  15. visible trichs, nice sized buds, id say its like mid-grade mids? if that makes sense. like one step under pretendo. needless to say, im 6 blunts in and its got me pretty lit.
  16. Kein, you are lucky, good deal haa.
    1 gram of jack herrer for 10 bucks.
  17. I'm always lucky, I always have some kind of crazy ass shit or an ass load of something nice.

    I'm pretty popular around my area for the same reason ;)
  18. extracted a bunch of codiene from some migrane meds my mom has, nothin like gettin high for free
    60 .5 xanax every month- 10 buckss
    free opana er 10s every once in a whilee

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