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Good Deal? Are these strains dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frankieD20c, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. So I recently got a new dealer, and he's been lagging it lately, taking 1 to 2 days to deliver( I'm not an everyday toker, well maybe only at night :p)
    He said he'd make it up to me by selling me 3 8ths of topshelf strains.
    Now i don't personally go to dispensaries, but i do know Top shelf is where its at.

    So...Are these strains worth $30 each for an 8th?
    -Northern Lights Trainwreck
    -Purple Urk
    -Skywalker OG

    thanks! I'm still going to buy, but i'm just inquiring :smoke: PEace!
  2. $30 for an 1/8th is great anywhere in my book.
  3. oh yeah, but I was wondering more about the strains.
    Like are they actually topshelf, has anyone tried these?
  4. They sound good, Im positive that Northern Lights is good.
  5. Very good deal but make sure it is scaled out and your desired quality.

    And.. Northern Lights Trainwreck is not a strain. That is two strain names put together. (maybe its crossed?)

    Yes, the names are topshelf.. but very often street dealers will make random names for the customer to buy it.
  6. Can anyone identify these as sativa or indica?
    And yeah, i'm also pretty sure its a cross, he mentioned his grower
    grew some beautiful buds. idk, I'm just so excited, wanting to know their feels before I hit it
  7. Weed is not a highly produced and distributed product from one source like a bag of chips. Your dealer can tell you that he has whatever strain, doesn't mean that it was grown well or manicured properly. Every batch is different. Always try before you buy, and if you can' least get a look at it. The name of the strain is the least important factor when choosing your herb!
  8. It's not the strain that makes it good it's how it's grown
  9. Off the top of my head..
    Purple urkle indica
    skywalker hybrid
    nl x tw indica dom hybrid
  10. this. its all in the grow
  11. The Skywalker OG when I had it last time was some very sick shit.
  12. haha yeah, keep in mind i'm in southern Cali so 90% of the strains i get are pretty dank and I live close to a dispensary. This time i am going to be getting it from someone that gets it from the dispensary
  13. For 30 an 1/8th- probably not actually the medical strain names he claim.

    'Northern lights trainwreck' isn't a strain. But 'northern lights' and 'trainwreck' are- could be a kickass hybrid tho haha that'd be some good shit

    Ive personally never heard of the other 2 strains..

    Either way, buy it, smoke it, let us knowseph my broseph
  14. I've used this before, but: northern lights x trainwreck should be called polar express. That name suits it so perfectly.
  15. you my friend are a genius :smoke:

    OT: Skywalker OG is some very nice tree. It certainly gets the job done :hello:
  16. Ha, Polar express, one way ticket straight to the dome.
    Okay, I picked up weighed it and i lost a g :(
    No worries, the Northern lights x trainwreck has put me in supreme tunnel vision mode
    where i can literally see the top of a tunnel above my laptop's screen.
    any homies in the inland empire in cali to kick it with?

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