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  1. well. recently my parents have been low on money. due to the recession and all. dads down to 1-2 day weeks. mom got demoted(really made her upset after working at her place for 7 years). and at this point i smoke pot daily. get drunk whenever i please and have my house basically as a storage facility for me and my things for what little time im here.

    so i figured id do something nice for my mom today.

    she wakes up in 5 minutes. i cleaned up the entire kitchen. made her lunch and a ddaaannkkk breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast with jam:p) went and bought her a pack of podiums(her favorite brand) and made her a thing of coffee. and poured her a cup for here. and cup for the drive. and when i hear her get out of her room im gonna go out and warm up the car for her. i also left her 10 bucks in the pack of smokes just incase she needs some money or something

    i feel like ive done a good deed today :D..

    anyone else doing anything nice for the rents? the wife? or anyone really?
  2. My dad is laid off for the winter and my mom works a bunch as a manager, I moved back in until I find a new pad. So I sleep on the couch every night, and leave my shit where I please basically. And since I go to school and have a social life I am never there.

    What you did sir is very awesome and gives me good ideas, I shall attempt to wake up early enough to attempt one of these noble deeds.

    Sleeping on the couch sucks though...
  3. the title of this is

    good DEAD! of the day

    like death


    .....I think are going to be confused when they get in this thread. hehe just so you know.
  4. Thats a really nice thing you did for your mum. +rep
  5. oh my your right... if a mod would be kind enough to change the title of this thread?

    and i encourage everyone to try some good DEEDS:hello:
  6. my dad works 2 hours away from where we live... i would have to get up at like 5... not going to happen
  7. when i read the title i thought it was gonna be about zombies or somthin. but good job man helpin out your mom just for the hell of it.
  8. sweet. I just do generally nice stuff everyday n feel good about it. Karam does exist.
    Dead lol.
    Oh well we knew what you meant haha
  9. It wasn't my parents but...

    This morning i walked to school with my bro and i carried his bag for him.

    And then he slipped on the ice right in front of the school so I helped him up and told the kids who were laughing at him to "Fuck themsleves"

    Then I walked home with him , instead of walking with one of my mates (who offered a free smoke to walk with him)

    And I carried his bag again, and gave him half of a choclate bar which was my food for the day.

    It meant the world to him though so I felt great. :D

    (p.s He's 14 in 2nd year and im 18 in 6th year, for all those GC snakes who try and catch people for being underage because their still in school)
  10. i hold the door for people when theyre behind me.

  11. That reminds me my friend thought he saw zombies in the field when he was high. I had to restrain from laughing and just played along.
  12. same here. from hamilton to mississauga. mother and father. i just ended up not sleeping through the night.

    but i do do generally nice stuff a good portion of my day. smoke my dad atleast a bowl or two a night. clean the grease off the top of the cubboard randomly haha.

    but i hadnt done anything nice for my mother in a while. havnt given her a hug or a kiss on the cheek or anything son like in about a year or two.
  13. You are a good son. I'm gonna go out and buy my mom something and a card and send it home to her now. Thanks mr. inspiration :)
  14. When my mom woke up this morning i bitch slapped her and told her to get cookin
  15. You're cool.
  16. i did that a couple times for my mom. made her some breakfast, coffee, went out and got her car warmed up.

    man, when ir ead the title, i thought u were just really stones and mixed day and dead up. thinking it had something to do with zombies.
  17. nice dude i do that on occasion too

    just makes me feel good about myself, u know? that your giving back to someone who gave you the gift of life to smoke this great herb
  18. ahh so many people doing such good. i wonder what karma has in store for us?
  19. Damn that breakfast sounded so good...
  20. you, Sir, are a credit to your parents - it's nice to read things like this from time to time

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