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  1. Had adult ed from 1:10-3:00.

    Got there round like 12:20.

    Got out the whip and there was like 5 people posted right there.

    Got in on it, We blowed two blunts. A fatty and a rillo.

    Got blowed. Some straight ganz.

    We was kicking it.

    I seen homeboy leave during the middle of class to go smoke a port.

    I walked up to him, We kicked it. Got backs on his port.

    Then some old bitch walked up to us, It was three of us. Me, My boy brandon and my boy marshall. She walks up and starts preaching the lord tmo us.

    Oh hell naa.

    I dont belive in it, I belive in evoloution, Thats my own opinion ya know, Fuck it.

    She asked if jesus was my savoir or some shit. I said no, I belive in evloution. She started preachin how ima end up in hell n shit. I was very polite. I was like "Mam, Will you please not preach to me, I wont preach evolution to you."

    She kept on preachin to me how ima end up in hell. Im gettin pissed now. I told my homie brandon she blowin my buzz. I said ill catch yall at 1, Did the hand shakes and bounced out.

    I go up to the pavilion, Tell them some preachin bitch bout to come up, And bummed a newport.

    Went back to the orginal crew i was with and told em what happened n shit.

    Before i know it, Bitch walks up to this group.

    She walks up and points at me and says "He dont belive in god, Hes going to hell."


    I got pissed.

    I was like "Dont put my bussiness out there". SHe said it again, We went back and forth like three times.

    My boy steps in ands like damn man i cant wait to see this new movie, Comes out on 666. Jus talking shit.

    She pissed me the fuck off. Kept talkin about me not belivibg in god and the rest of us nobeliving in it.

    We all walked away and left herthere.

    Pissed me off.

    So class gets out, She preaches to everybody out there.

    Everybody gettin routy and pissed at her. Wrong school to do this at ya herd.

    Well after break over i got class. I asked a teacher if it was illegal, And she said on school grounds it is.

    So i wiated and waited.

    Finally she stepped on shcool grounds to preach to somebody.

    I left class, Jogged down the hall to the security guard and was like this bitch preachin on school property its illegal.

    He went out there, She preached to him and he fucked with her and kicked her out.

    Fucking dumb shit,

    I belive in evolution but i dont preach it, Dont preach your shit to me ya know.

    Well after class. Kicked it with some *****s.

    Hottie i aient know needed a bag, So 4 of us rolled to my boys and got a bag.

    We rolled to rillos outta it. She took a couple pictures of me n her and she was all feelin up on me and everything. Was real nice lol. She was bangin. Petite short girl, I love it. Yummy lol. And she rolled blunts as good as me, A huge turn on.

    We kicked it for a couple hours.

    Came to the crib and mad drama on the phone but fuck all that.

    Now its night time. Gettin crunk. Only got a small bowl of greens so that sucks bad.

    But im gettin drunk.


    Party mother fuckers.
  2. haha, schools out for summer. stay alive and enjoy it.

  3. IM fckcing drunk!!!

    I lopve it.

    Aient been this fuckede up since monday!!!!



    EDIT: In like lesss then 45 minutes i drnk 3/4 a fifth ofof booze. Feeelin it fer sure.
  4. hell yeah man when i wake up im blazing a dutch master
  5. you better hit that shit, i love meetin new peple that smoke nugs i
  6. Im fuckin tore up.

    Im tyuping more sober though lol.

    I realized that.

    Im so good at typing drunk.

    Jus got off the phone with my homies.

    Got the liqour lined up tommrow.

    I bought a fifth today for tommrow.

    Almost killed it now.

    So drunk.

    Buzzin off greenery.

    I aient 21, So i cant buy booze or 40's or nuttin. Im above age to buy swishers n shit though.

    So i got my mans gon get to the store tommrow. Get me three fifths and a couple fourtys.

    Hes one of my hooksups.

    So get some greenery while im at it.

    Get some xanys while im at it.

    Prolly get a teener while im at it.

    Maybe a eighth of shrooms while im at it.

    Get comepltyr tore up tommrow night for last day of school and a summer of rough times.

    'Dope money man, Need to get you some..., Drug lord liviin, Young thug livin..., But im jus countin my dope money....'

    Got a pocket full of green, Lookin mean.
  7. whats a teener
  8. Gram of cocaine.

    Him, 1.7 grams.
  9. Thats a fat ass hook up man.
  10. Hes my *****.

    Met him through bussiness.

    And known him for like what, Less then 6 months.

    Hes got me though. Ova show.

    Buys me liquor, Hooks me up fat with everything.

    Bought a 3 grams off him earlier for $10.

    Two rillos, 1.5 each.

    When he buys me liquor, Usually i wont hit him up with nothing but like change from the whatver i gave him for the fifth. And hes straight with it.

    I bring him mad business, I give him mad bussiness too. And he repays me by hookin it up for me, Smokin and gettin me fucked up, ANd doin me favors.

    Good guy..

    Aight tho GC.

    I drank too much, aient smoked or drank enough.

    Gotta wake up early.

    Im goin to lay down n prolly pass out.

    Ill catch yall tommrow.
  11. ^^^ Good Times.
  12. you are the best drunk typer i know man.... last weekend i killed 7 beers in 40 mins... with 4 shots of vodka before the beer.... yeah i was shitfaced...

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