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Good Day

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by vmfedor, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. Oh man this is such a great night. I just got bought a quarter ounce, got stoned with a bunch of awesome guys, saw Freddy Vs Jason, came home, ate like a king, played some Atomic BomberMan, and now my roommate is coming home and we're going to get wasted and watch Half Baked (which I just bought today).

    Life is good when there's weed. TRUST IN WEED AND YE SHALL RECIEVE!

    Peace and love!

    p.s. - Yes, I am majorly fucked up right now.
  2. Yup being happy is great, yay for mary jane!

  3. haha ur so cute! im pretty fucked too! sounds like sum fun! have a good night babe! smoke more weed!
  4. ok now i gotta go smoke :p
  5. Nice to see a fellow toker happy :) Keep On Tokin and let the good times Roll ;)
  7. hell ya good fer u bro keep on tokin the day can only get higher

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