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Good day today :P

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jlear3, May 8, 2011.

  1. So, been on my t-break for bout a week just chillin, but yesterday I got a q of mids just cuz it was like 20 bux.. Spent the day with a super cute girl and some other guy tryin to hit it haha, took her kids to the park and chilled which was awesome cuz I really like kids, eventually she had him leave and we all played on the swings, went back to the house watched a movie nd smoked a fatty irolled.. btw 1 week mad a hell of a difference, IDK if its cuz im really underweight or what, but it was nice.. still is :smoke: anyways I woke up early today and mowed the yard n got my mom some shit, smoked her up, then I went and chilled on my deck in the perfect weather listin to some sublime, girl calls up and I'm gunna go over there whenever, anyone else having a carefree weekend? please share!
  2. Awesome! You're a lucky guy, hope you're treasuring this time ^_^ Sadly it's finals season, last stretch, so carefree moments are hard to come by. Although I did take the time last night to dance for 4 hours whoo!

    Also, might wanna update your sig now :p
  3. Haha good call, and hope you do well on ur finals, its good you're able to prioritize things in life, rarely see that on GC haha, though I'm used to being in apprentice :p

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