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  1. I am a say master Gardner I have been growing a vegetable garden for about 50 years. Really little difference actually weed is easier remember it is really a weed. Anyway I have for the last couple years been doing some weed growing for my wife who needs it for severe pain and migraine headaches.

    I hope to be posting some of my years growing that will help in that end. My weakness is knowing when to pick the dang things.

    1st year had a 15 footer get slammed by a strong storm didn't know about needing to support the buds.
    2nd year had a big tree fall over the power line and the line crew came out (I wasn't here) and cleared the line about 5 feet from 2 of my plants. I had to pull them up and transplanted one into a big pot. It did well she has been smoking it for almost a year now.

    3rd year I have 2 growing I pruned them 3 times one right now is 12 ft and the other is 10 about 8 ft apart. They have grown together.

    I will post some questions in the threads.


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