good dave mathews songs???

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by _Metatron_, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. i just recently got into dave mathews band and i was wondering what are some good songs. Im lookings for something up beat like "ants marching" any help would be appretiated.
  2. Grey Street
    Jimi Thing
  3. Any thing off lilly white is absolutly amazing.....his best work ever.......

    that and .... get a copy of don't drink the water live from woodstock...thats a crazy song to...

    edit: when i say lillywhite... i mean 'lilly white sessions.'
  4. Space between
    Ants marching
    Stream(tim reynolds)

    ^^^That song i just said, Stream, is a great song...i actually know Tim Reynolds nephew...big pothead and always has great weed!
  5. thats great :)

    warehouse has always been a classic of mine.
    two step "gets me" everytime I hear it..
    jimi thing is a good one too..and ants :) dig it.

    if you can dl some..he is one of the best when it comes to playing live..try to get some live versions of his stuff. good stuff :)
  6. DMB rules...saw them live a couple years ago and have loved em ever since...
    anyway some cool upbeat songs are:

    Lie in Our Graves
    Two Step

    all their other songs kick ass too
  7. Long black veil, long black veil and long black veil.
    Oh and two step is fuckin awesome too. but pretty much and dave is a good thing. and what the hell took u so long to get into dave??
  8. lol dont get me started on great dave songs...
    lie in our graves
    so right
    grey street
    two step
    the last stop
    stay (wasting time)
    one sweet world
    best of whats around
    what would you say
    tripping billies
    big eyed fish

    ahhh..... and any live recording, dave is good, but dave live is AMAZING

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