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  1. Not just the movies. Planning a whole day and night of romantic shiz and theres so many different options its fucking with my head to choose the right ones! Heeeeeeelp!?
  2. just invite her over.

    and tell her to bring beer
  3. Go outside. Go to a brew pub. Go to a record store,
  4. Romantic?

    Give her a flower with a sweet little note attached
    Picnic at a nice park
    Cook her a nice dinner
    Find a unique way to surprise her that shows her you were paying attention to something she said (meaning this surprise should not involve your genitals, or a pie in her face)
    Go on a walk together at night (somewhere that is not just walking on the sidewalk through the neighborhood)

  5. Damn, I was gonna suggest he throws a pie in her face and while she's in the process of wiping it off whip your dick out. That's always been my idea of a romantic date...
  6. You can't beat a Magic Carpet ride.

    Seriously mini golf and/or dancing lessons. What Feanor said; clue in on something she said.
  7. Couples massage.
  8. itt: she is too proud for love.
    [ame=]Little Bit - Lykke Li (High Definition) - YouTube[/ame]
  9. Where do you live I'd bring her somewhere outside like a river George beach mountain ore just some cool place in the woods
  10. If you're looking for a place for dinner I recomend a fondue place.
    First off, I never met a woman who didn't like/love fondue.
    And second, it's a nice way to break the tension over dinner. You dont have to worry about akward moments in dinner, it gives you both something to do together as you eat.
  11. ^ unless you're crazy about this chick or you have been together I wouldn't bring her to a crazy nice place like $20 max most fondu places I know are crazy expensive

  12. I guess it depends on your budget, the one I've been to is usually about 70-100 bucks for a couple.

  13. That's a lot for someone you don't know that well most places are $40-$60 a couple with drinks like a Mexican place everyone love mexican food and it's cheap
  14. how well do you know her? if you know enough about her involve one or a few of her interest into the date somehow. plan it out right so it all flows together though.
  15. Just don't do THIS
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  16. You could always go go-karting. I recently went on a date, and I took my date go-karting. This place was legit. It wasn't those lame karts n' golf go-karts, these go-karts went FAST. Hella fun. we both had a good time

  17. Like the sound of this alot.

    Its less date than something to do with my girlfriend, cos we dont live near each other so gotta do something memorable rather than go to the cinema!

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