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Good Comeback to my dad about mj..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrippinOn420, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. So everytime we talk about marijuana the convo always ends in disagreement.

    What can I say when he says marijuana leads to other drugs..

    Ive told him it all depends on the person and it is NOT true. He won't admit there is nothing wrong with mj besides being against the law..

    PS there may not be any other comeback, my dad is really stubborn
  2. "That's what she said!"
  3. [quote name='"Salty Shack"']"That's what she said!"[/quote]

    Smoking marijuana leads to other drugs...



  4. Tell him..."I started drinking milk when I was younger but that didn't lead to alcoholism."
  5. "I know you are, but what am I?" works wonders.
  6. Tell him how some people regulate their cannabis use purely so they never get bored with it. Also admit that it does lead to harder drugs in some irresponsible people. If he isn't willing to listen then, point out how you do research and are only stating facts, also point out that you have been the bigger man throughout the argument by weighing up facts and drawing a conclusion based on evidence. Hope that helped.
  7. You should ask him as well when the last time he viewed a scientific study done on marijuana. Then ask him what it ACTUALLY is that upsets him about weed.
  8. But dad I want to be like my favorite rapper and smoke dat indo errday
  9. I learned by watching

  10. and thats why i raped the neighbor

  11. and killed my wife :hide:
  12. Just tell him you did heroin before marijuana. Problem solved.
  13. I'd tell him that its not marijuana that leads to other drugs, but other people. Tell him you don't associate with anyone that does any other kind of drug. To get over the legal issue about marijuana tell him that sometimes you have to break the law if you want to change the law and bring justice, just like George Washington and the other revolutionists did during the revolutionary war.
  14. Just say your an adult and can make your own choices. I'm not saying you do this, but don't just bitch and argue that it is good. We know it is, you know it is, so what he is titled to his opinion too.

    If it is just a casual argument show him The Union or something.

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