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  1. As a coin collector and someone who has always had a job dealing with money, I'm looking to expand my options and at the same time, be able to feed my coin collecting hobby.

    I already work retail, so no need to suggest retail. I'm well aware! I've considered banks, or those coin change collectors who get the quarters or change out of vending machines (what job position is this called, and what companies offer this beyond cola vending machines? Although I've heard that silver quarters drop out and aren't accepted and if that's the case, kinda ruins any chances of any nice finds).

    But anyways, if I were to work at the bank, what job title should I be on the lookout for that handles the most money? I'd imagine the Teller, but I've also heard they don't like hiring tellers who know the value of coins like myself.

    So any other good job ideas and anybody who can answer my questions would be appreciated!
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  2. Oh and do banks do random drug tests or just a one and done?
  3. The first answer you are looking for is meter maid. Secondly, bus driver is a good occupation. I would prefer as a career option for myself stock broker or bail bondsman. Currency Traders are all over the board as money will never die in it's utility. Good food for thoughts!
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  4. Things you could do to check out coins:

    Work at a laundry.
    Any job that makes tips as you often get pocket change and ones.
    Casino. Lots of $2 bills there. Also a cashier at a Casino handles all kinds of funds from all over the world.
    Pawn Shop.

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  5. Those are all great ideas!!! Wish there was a casino even remotely close lol
  6. hit up estate sales and buy up dead people's coin collections. if you are able to buy in bulk you can score a good deal.
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  7. I've heard that a lot but round here, there's not too many coin collectors. Not like there used to be. Every estate auction I find online in my area tends to not have coins.

    Can you suggest another way, aside from online, as to how I can find more estate auctions? Like would a newspaper have that or some other source? Or if there is a nice online resource that is used pretty widely, anything that helps! I've been wanting to go to an estate sale..
  8. So basically you are going to steal from your future employer when and if you find a rare coin?
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    ...Steal? Um where in the WORLD did you get that assumption from....? No, I simply replace it with the same face value.... If they're not okay with you swapping money like that, then I won't work for them, that simple. But to them, a penny is a penny, regardless of its date or errors or what other collectors may value it as. And if I had not picked it out myself - we'd simply give it away as a penny and someone else would get it.

    Fact of the matter is, my employer is not a coin dealer or coin seller, they are not going to go out of their way to sell a penny that's rare, or a quarter, to them, it's simply face value.

    Even if it's a mere penny I'm taking out, I will always put back a different penny that's not rare in
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