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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Xaijiqq, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. Hey i was just wondering how often any of u get goose bumps while listening to a song u really enjoy. It happened to me alot more in my earlier days, not that i am old, but it seems more rare now,,,

    great feeling though!!

  2. it happens to me a lot...helps me know when I found a new song that I like
  3. it happens to me quite often... led zeppelin does it to me alot, so does les claypool's version of "space oddity"...

    and any songs that just strike a chord with me, sometimes they form tears in my eyes... not because they're sad, but beautiful.

    i <3 music, can you tell?! :D
  4. oh god...i LOVE those chills... i didnt know so many other people experienced this too...i think the last time it happened to me was when i was listening to Dream Theater - "Home".. its the ending part with the guitar/keyboard harmony... man thats the best
  5. Last time it happened it was due to and Jhonny Cash version of NINs HURT. that version of that song is just something so powerfull that I'm still gettin the chills just thinking about it. Go listen to it now....please.

  6. i think you can watch it at

    if that isn't it, just search for mark Romanek's website...there are a bunch of videos there.

    Also, i get the chills a lot here are some of the recent ones:

    DJ Shadow : Blood on the Motorway
    Converge : Farewell Note to the City
    Christopher Parkening : Villa-Lobos Etude 11
  7. Funny you mention it, I wondered if I were the only one. I definitely get the goosebumps when a killer tune is jammin' and the mood is just right. Oh yeah, you're not the only one! :D Happens mostly at live shows.
  8. yepz, it doesn't only happen with music but its always good :p

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