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good, cheap seeds from a good seed bank?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by letsmokeasweet, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. hello everyone
    i have looked at attitude and herbies so far, i looked around their websites and the cheapest i seen were around 7euros....

    i was wondering if there is anything out there thats cheaper? like less then 4euros?

    i want to get some northern lghts and i figer also i will get some noname kind to help balnce out how much i spend.
    sooo does anyone know any good repuable places?

    maybe a link to a cheap seed if you know any?
    thnx all
  2. Marijuana-seeds.nl

    They have some pretty cheap prices and some good strains. Great germ rates and fast shipping.
  3. I've heard that mandala is very reasonable.
    If your buying from a wholesaler your going to pay more 'cuase they take a cut.
    Try buying direct from breeders.
    My last purchase from SanniesShop.com was 10 seeds of KO Kush, outstanding genetics, at approximately $65.
    He threw in 5 Kush freebies for a total of 15 seeds.
    My first purchase at Attitude, a reseller, was 15 seeds & three weak freebies for $135.
    I stick with the breeders as often as I can.
  4. the breader is an excellent idea. THANK YOU

    ill check yours out
  5. Sannnies is a reseller too BTW.

  6. I can second that, i've always had a good experience with them and normally an 8 out of 10 germ rate on most of their strains. Plus you get freebies with every order which is bang on!

  7. Just remember: if you buy a single seed or two at a time, which is what you'll be getting in that price range from herbies or the 'Tude, (plus you're paying more per seed for single-seed orders, than you would if you bought 10+ seeds of the same strain), there's always the chance that 1) it may not germinate either due to natural causes, or grower error, and 2) even if they claim to be feminized, they still may potentially be male.

    If you're not very experienced with growing just yet, you're better off with some bagseed from your last bag of bud, or a 10 pack of cheap seeds to begin with.... that way, you are MUCH less likely to waste your bulb-life, electricity and nutrients for weeks, on what could turn out to be a total dud of a project. :eek:

    Attitude's services are top-notch, so I can vouch for them... haven't tried herbies though.

    Since you mentioned Northern Lights, I'll comment on a little purchase that just arrived in my mailbox yesterday, only 4 - 5 days after placing my order! :hello:

    It's been ages since I last bought seeds, where I've been a tester for a few international distributors and breeders over the years, and I just snagged an order from peakseedsbc for 30 seeds, to see how they fair. (note - NOT the -fake peakseeds-, without the BC in the web address.... I used the real BC site, listed in the GC stickied thread: http://forum.grasscity.com/cannabis-seeds-banks/323640-current-legit-seed-banks.html )

    I grabbed Northernberry (Northern Lights x Blueberry), Northern Skunk (NL x Skunk), and pure Sweet Skunk. Their standard shipping is free.

    An order like that may be a little out of your price range.

    For $40 (or 33 €/Euro) though, you can get a 20 pack of miscellaneous seeds, which include the same strains I ordered, and more (pure Northern Lights, and several Texada Timewarp and Kush crosses, too). It's cheaper if you happen to be in Canada, those are the rest-of-the-globe prices.

    That's just 1.60 €/Euro a seed. :eek:

    Buying a larger packet of seeds gives you a larger discount per seed, plus you'll have plenty to work with in case you have an accident, and from what I've seen from other growers journals, the genetics are quite good! That's why I decided to test them out myself. :p

    I was pleased enough with the delivery and speed, that I already have another order on the way using their stealth method, just to see how that works out. :)

    Anyhow, wherever you purchase, good luck and have fun with your grow! :wave:
  8. Peakseeds has northern lights 10 for 40$ canadian and bonus 10 c99s at the moment
  9. Gonna give them a try after I get my order of Cali Connection Blackwater from Attitude.
  10. [quote name='"ss tokenkopf"']Gonna give them a try after I get my order of Cali Connection Blackwater from Attitude.[/quote]

    I just finished flowering my last clone of the BW. Going to give either grape god, querkle, or emerald triangle royal purple a try.
  11. In your boat, I'd go with field pollinated strains, good but not always exact, but like a box of lucky charms, you get variety and value for the money.

    KCBrains. less than $20 US. for a package of 10 regular seeds, all of which will grow out strong and healthy and make you some bud.

    Nirvana regulars. Indoor stock, greenhouse stock. Lots of pheno's. Inexpensive. Some are golden. Love the bubblicious, NL and a buttload of others.

    Mandala. The best of the hybrids. Cheap, wonderful, accurate effects, less pheno's than the Nirvana's. The satori, sadhu and speedqueen(a california orange) are the best IMO.
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