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  1. ive been getting into this whole community thing alot lately, but what i want to know is what kind of cameras are used for the macro pics of buds, you know the ones that show all the trichomes and shit.

    just some links will be cool, im trying to actually contribute to the city, you know?

    thanks guys
  2. I rock a rebel XSI from canon. It takes up 3 foot by 4 foot images spectacularly. I have a bunch of posters I'll be making once I get the cash to drop.

    Hope this helps!
  3. I use a 14.1MP Sony CyberShot, Great camera, well priced.

  4. yeah that helps man

    the first 2 posters were too baked to take my question seriously, obviously.
  5. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5
  6. More megapixels = higher resolution, which means you can take a high res pic and crop/zoom to show more detail.

    If you really want to get some advanced macro shots, look into a DSLR and buy a macro lens for it.

  7. My stock lens for my DLSR can still get up to 1 foot of the subject. It's a decent macro shot for not having a lens. But hell, a macro lens can get you up to one inch provided the natural light settings.
  8. Yeah, if you want a camera that'll take nice macro shots, get yourself a good DSLR (I use a nikon D5000), and get a macro lense. The majority of pics I take are for paintball, and I only recently got into photography, so I don't even have a macro lense yet, but thats definitely on my list of things to get.
  9. Yeah, ideally you would have a DSLR and a macro lens... but that's a whole shit ton of money to spend just to take good bud pictures. :poke:

    My dad's old Canon PowerShot actually took pretty good macro shots, and that was years ago so I'm sure they're even better by now.
    Plus, a whole fuckload cheaper. :p
  10. Using any quality DSLR and any lens with a set of inexpensive extension tubes will get you GREAT results.

    My first "extension tube" was a toilet paper tube....but that was in the day of totaly manual cameras, that would be difficult to do with modern DSLR's.
  11. The best camera for macro shots would be a Nikon D3x with a Nikon 105mm Macro VR.

    It will only run you about 8 grand :D
  12. If you want really good macro pictures you need to go with dslr category of cameras which stands for digital single lens reflex. These are the the cameras which will allow you to have the ability to swap out your lens depending on what you need. Canon makes really good high quality products and it shows b/c a lot of pros use canon. You can pick up one of their older dslr models like a rebel xti for under 400 and a macro lens might be another 150-200
  13. This, Nikon has better quality glass and High ISO Performance imo.

  14. We can argue all day between Canon and Nikon. I'm a Canon fan myself, and I've talked to countless professional photographers (for IRL magazines) that promote Canon every time.
  15. Lumix all the way that is what I got.

  16. Honestly, your being somewhat hypocritical. I am promoting Nikon because I trust in the quality and performance of their products. I have listed 2 reasons that I prefer Nikon. Countless Canon photographers will agree that Nikon takes the cake in ISO performance, Class quality and AF system. You have given no reasons to support Canon's side of the argument other than here say. I could find just as many professional photographers that swear by Nikon gear. I am not saying Nikon is better than Canon. They are both great camera companies, they both have pros and cons. For example, Canon DSLR's have much better HD video performance than Nikon. MUCH BETTER. But I am not a videographer I am a photographer.

    P.S. I am comparing attributes of professional level DSLR cameras. Such as D300 / 7D and up.
  17. LOL there is not BEST camera. In my film days I shot Canons now I'm using Nikon digital. Both work fine, both are expensive, it's not the camera that takes the photos, it's the photographer. As long as you know how to use your tools you can get good photos with even a pinhole camera....
  18. Debating cameras? Seriously?

    Just chill people, this is an MJ forum - we're all supposed to be happy stoners :smoke:

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