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good bye letter to mary jane.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toketillyachoke, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. been to week ssince i quit and i have been not even tempted to smoke, the sober world is a crazy world i must amit i went psyco on a couple people for no reson but than i see jen (my gal) and it all gos away she is my gal pal were not just bf and gf we are really good friends know eachother for 5years b4 we went out.
    But i think this one is the one, im never gonna let her go im gonna marry her someday, so it looks like its bye to mary jane for good.

    so with all father ado here is my letter to mary, mary jane that is!
    Dear mary jane,

    I had a great time with you i rember the first time we hung out i was all geting into snoop dog for the first time. you opened me up to a whole new world of music. If it wasn't for you i would of never got into techno, pinkfloys, outcast, snoopdog or ludacris so i say thank you for oepnaing my mind up a little more. Thansk for getign me into insane clown posse and twisted cuz thos eguys are crazy mother focos

    Also thanks for all the crazy ideas i came up with when we hung out. From all the crazy theorys about the white race turning into a indergered species by 2010 to creating all the artwork. poitry short stories and whatever else we did.

    Thanks a million for slowing me down and being able to focos on the small thing sin life. like nature and how cool my dog really is. Thanks for making every movie i watched in the last past 6 months the funniest shit i have ever saw.

    thanks for making me the cool guy for once instead of the guy video game geek everyone picked on. You made me feal excepted and got rid of my shyness.

    Thanks for making me like a lot more foods and aprrited the taste of a animal crakcer i will never forget the nights we spent eating animal crakcers and passing out on the couch watching tv.

    aldso thanks for making mer alot of money and to be able to fianlly start geting ahead on my bills. You made working at mcdonalds fun who knew washing dishs could be that great.

    Well i could go on foreever rembering the times we spent together but since i hate good byes im gonna get this over with.

    Thanks for always being there whenever i needed you no matter how much shit i needed to go through to finally smoke you! You are one crazy sexy girl mary and i know one thing for sure i will always remeber all the crazy times we went through, some good some bad but all memroires i will never forget

    Looks liek im finally geting back on track for the first time im happy with out you. im truely happy and no drug could make me feal like this im in love and I like it , i want to stay with jen forever.

    Well unless if shit gets bad in my life again im gonna say good bye for now becuase i know you will always be there waiting for me.

    your pal,
  2. I'm glad you're happy! Even if you are leaving MaryJane behind, you're happy and that's all that matters in this life! :)

    You still have to hang out, though. You don't have to be high to be here! :D
  3. danm...:(

    i should of not read these..latezz...

    hope u have more good karma then i did mate... best wishies for u mate...
  4. Hugs for Shade...

  5. dont woory yall i still be around these always drinking grrrrrrrrr that pisses me off kind of alchol haveing to drink always was happy i was a pot head not a alcolic now i will probaly turn into a bosseing raging ass hole, i was such a nice pothead but blah
  6. i just turn to a acoholic.... been drinking jack daniel str8 and want some more......
  7. yep alchole is great but pot is so much better but love is the best
  8. love is the best thing in the world mate.. but aging love hurts... but that what makes Love.. going throgh happinies, sadnes, and hurting each other feeling, and loveing each other...
  9. Im glad ya have a gal that can make ya feel that with, good luck with her, and without mary jane :)
  10. One question ttyc, what does your girl have against you smoking in particular? Maybe she just needs some education on the subject.
  11. you should show this letter to your girl friend, maybe she'd then realize what a bit thing shes making you miss?

  12. Drugs are good, they let you do things that you know you not should, and when you do them people think that your cool!

    That just made me think of that NOFX song, sorry :D

  13. proably a good idea but she would think it was stupid so balh im not gonna show her she just can't understand how not a bad thing pot is it helps me do everything helps me focos helps me get through bad shit helps me have a good time whne i normaly would be piss and it would bennifit her to there would be no silence like whne you want to saysomething but your to worried what the other person thinks than you go on fo rlike 10min asking the other perosn what are you thinking thats bullshit if i was smoked up i would be a more opeaned nicer calmer happier less whatever anyway i wish she would understand that its not crack its not heroin its just pot!
  14. Man, I dont see why your quiting, but its cool, man, you are happy and that should be all that matters ,man, so this toke i for you, to the brother from another brother. *tokes* May peace and good karma come your way,

  15. you should secretly make her a batch of bud brownies ;)

    i know you wont though, more of a joke than anything, but it'd be cool if ya did...
  16. never had much succes backing with bud but its a good idea but theres no way i could my jimnie cricket would feal bad and i would tell her even b4 she tried one.
  17. I got a bright idea. Pick up a real nasty habit like cigs, or coke, or H. Then you can kick that habit with the help of maryjane and she'll be happy ur not on the other crap ne more.

  18. Fuck coke and h but i did start cigs kindof only now and than i have a smoke. But for some reason she thinks cigs are more healthy than pot, like she told mer bro smoke half a day, "but atleast there not smokein 2-3 bowls aday cuz that stuff will kill ya its way morebad than cigs. anyway whatever im just gonna drink korna smoke the ocashonal pimp daddy $10 cigar

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