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Good Bye For Now

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TNPAuTo, Mar 26, 2003.


Am I a dumb ass?

  1. yes

    0 vote(s)
  2. no

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  1. I'm a dumbass. I'm going away for about 6-9 months in some damn wilderness camp, but I shall return. This is my last hour of freedom and I am high as a chicken with an inflamatory disease. I'll miss you all, especially Cottons ;-D
    I'll see ya'll l8er

  2. I voted no :)

    and good luck man..wildreness can be a fun place
  3. 6-9 months? WOW!!!

    Well, I'm not going to call you a dumb ass. I'm not sure why you are going but hopefully it will turn into a cool adventure for you. You don't sound all that happy so I'm going to assume that you are being forced to go. All I can say is make the most of it. That's all you can do with life is make the most of it.

    The City will be here when you return. You'll be missed.

    By the way, I'm glad you're stoned but I don't know if it's a good thing to be as high as a chicken with an inflammatory disease! ;)
  4. if you wanted to go then your not, but if you dont wanna go and you like chose to then i would say that wasnt a smart choice, god knows i would kill myself in the wilderness for 6-9 months...but itl be cool when you come back to look how everything changed...ok ima stop ramblin peace out
  5. Thanx for all the support y'all are giving me. I'm pretty sure I can do this. Anyways, in case you were wondering, the reason all this is happening is because I put my hat on in the school building 5 minutes after dismissal and walked to my car. The dumbass teacher called the SRO who I do not get along with and he and I got in a fight. My prohibation officer gave me 2 choices, go to jail for 2-5 years or wilderness camp for 6-9 months, I guess I made the right decision.

    Or maybe I could swim to Jamaica....

    But what really sux is that I'm going to have to leave Tara who I've been in love with for 4 years or so, and 2 weeks ago, finally got the chance for us to be togather. I popped the question before I found out I was leaving(answer: YES!). It's not that I don't trust her, it's that I don't trust anyone else. O.k. I think my stoned ass has taken enough time to write this, and shared enough of my personal life, but I love y'all. I'll see you l8er!


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  6. damn that sucks balls, they must have some strict rules where you live, well good luck int he wild place
  7. well goodluck i guess, where are you going, do you even know? you can turn this punishment into a good time if take the time to try. there is alot of cool stuff out in the wilderness.
  8. great to see ya survived :D

  9. Unlike Others :D
  10. Good luck man.

  11. Lol, he's back now Shogun. Look at the date of the original post in this thread.

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