good bye debt

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. so how about

    i got

    a raise today

    from 8$ an hour


    9.25$ an hour

    thats an extra 100 bucks per check, my loan takes out a 100 dollars each check, so basically, its like all my debt is eliminated n i'm still making 8!!

    fuck yea boy!
  2. Good shit neg.
  3. what do you do? thats pretty good money
  4. well i do alot of shit like drywall/plaster-mudding, demo, painting, cleaning, cleanup work, strip wall paper, overall handyman shit repairing damage to houses caused by shit covered by insurnace like water breaks or flooding

    95% of the time though, they just put me on painting jobs, because i'm one of the best or so i've been told

    when our production manager called me into his office n told me to close the door i didnt know what to think, n then he was like "theres been alot of talk about you shamrock man (cuz i have a clover tat on my neck)" n i was like "oh yea? like what?" n he said "that your one of the best painters out of helpers and crew chiefs, and that you really help the crew cheifs get alot more done, so i talked to Gary (one of the owners) and we're gonna give you a dollar 25 raise.. and if you keep up the work it'll also show in your bonus's too, i think i tripled it last time right?"

    i guess i'm pretty good at what i do
  5. Good to hear your back on the right track neg.
  6. Thats tight man but do you like what you do? That to me is probly more important then money.
  7. More money less problems in this case- Congratulations negligent.
  8. Good shit dude, Im really happy for you.
  9. For a career yes, for $9.25 no. I don't know anyone who enjoys their low pay job. I make 7.25 an hour, and let me tell you nothing is more important that how much you make.
  10. Congrats man.
  11. Congrats man

    i started a new job at $7.50 when they told me $8 an hour..even though it's easy money so i'll stick around :smoke:
  12. congrats bro
    regardless of the amount, a raise is a raise

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