Good bugs or bad bugs? W/ Video link

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by BCJay, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Hey folks!

    So this is my first go at organics. Went to check and see if the plants needed any water, moved some soil to see how moist it was and all of a sudden I see these little dudes running around like I just ripped the roof off their house.

    Video link (uploaded in 4K):

    They are little white buggers. They're a bit smaller than spider mites but move much faster and are only in the soil.

    Reading through the forum, I still can't identify what they are but I haven't seen them jump, so I don't think they're springtails. I've have a feeling their beneficial soil mites but not 100% sure.

    They only seem to hide under the top dry layer of soil. I don't have to dig more than a quarter inch to find them. They're not on any leaves, in fact the leaves and plant overall, are in tip top health.

    Paranoid grower here, but I know the general rules of thumb is, if the plant itself is happy, so is the soil.
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  2. Hard to see in the video, but most likely decomposer mites. Nothing I would worry about unless there were other problems.


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  3. Looks like springtails or soil mites. Generally bugs in the soil are decomposers that eat rotting decaying matter and help cycle the nutrients in the soil. If you see bugs on your plant then start to worry.
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  4. Hey Patanjali, thanks for the reply, seen a bunch of your posts, especially regarding these types of mites.

    I think you're right. Just wanted to confirm with the folks who actually know, like you. I've never had anything other than bad bugs like spider mites and gnats. I don't mind having some extra company while I'm gardening, as long as they're friendly. lol.
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  5. Hey Sc00by! Thanks for stopping in =)

    I think I agree with you and Patanjali, there's no one hanging out on the plant itself, just the soil. And the plants are doing really, really well (first time organics, never grown healthier plants than these before) so I assume these mites are good friends of mine and I'll let 'em continue to party until they give up.
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  6. I'd be worried if that happend :)
    Mites and bugs are part of the soil food web. It's all about balance. I have many insects in my soil, rollie pollies, all sorts of mites, pincers and of course worms. All working together to break down the soil into food for my plants :D
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  7. Neat! Sounds like a great party, you must be a good host!
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