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Discussion in 'General' started by T-dawg, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. i was just wonering what good weed lookes like. i always thought that red hairs were god but my cousin said that they arnt. so i just wanna be sure of what is right. is cristil good 2??? thatks
  2. I look for nice white crystals.

    and of course the smell.

    But the most important thing is what does it smoke like?
  3. Buy a High Times magazine. You'll see some true quality bud. ;>
  4. i always prefer the greener the better

  5. exactly. nice white crystals, nice pungent fruity smell, and smooth tasty smoke.

    looks can be deceiving! we've bought stuff that looks like it came straight out of high times, but it must have been grown w/ chemicals and never flushed properly because it got us SUPER high, but tasted like what MIRACLE GRO smells like, NASTY.
    good luck on your trek for the perfect bud :)
  6. Red hairs are good, crystals are awesome, the whiter the weed the more bad ass it is mostof the time. The smell is unbelievably good and strong, you'll no it when you see it. if you dont see any seeds, then it is prob kine bud. Hope that helps.

  7. grass looks differant in it's many forms and differant strains. all i look for really it the compactness of the buds, and too see theres nothing bizzare like black specks and burnned leaves. basically i think u can't really tell how good grass is by looking at it. its all in the smoking. :)

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