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  1. I gotta read a novel for class, anything that's actually a good read? Maybe trippy or something awesome?
  2. Stephen kings misery or the green mile are oldies but real good books. And Lenny McLean the guvnor is my all time favorite book but it's an autobiography so o don't think it's classed as a novel
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    Ok thanks Mann preciate it :)
  4. Slaughterhouse 5 by Vonnegut is always a win. Love that book.
  5. The Shining by Stephen King,
    Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests, I forgot who, goddamnit,
    The Harvard Psychedelics by Timothy Leary,
    Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley
    Next on my list is "The Life of Pi", and anything by Clive Cussler. His Dirk Pitt novels are the best, good man stuff.

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