Good Bong/Pipe recommendations?

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  1. Helloz, I'm recently allowed to buy bongs etc because I'm now 18 (yay!) So what would you recommend to me? Something cheap preferably but I don't mind the material or anything else. - J
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    I mean buy whatever appeals to you. Your name is bigbonghitz so I imagine u might want a bong lol. Dhgate has the best deals on bongs you will find anywhere as long as u don't mind waiting a couple weeks for shipping. If you want a dry hand pipe then I really like etsy, lotta beautiful pieces on there and fun to shop around looking at peoples stores.

    Personally I think for a first piece every stoner should get a bowl, whether it's a spoon or sherlock. Simple, usually pretty cheap, portable, easy to clean, just something all smokers should have.
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  3. well it sounds like you want a cheap bong???

    I agree with @Toke_til_you_choke A little pipe is a great starter.

    the first glass pipe I ever bought I had for 12 years, one day the bowl finally gave out and broke when I was cleaning it. went through ALOT with that pipe haha.

    good luck

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