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Good Bong Names

Discussion in 'General' started by chief midgey, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Here's a picture of my bong - which my friends & i still can't come up with a name for.
    anyone here have any suggestions? :)

  2. Willy Bongka
  3. i had one like that for a while but it was purple
    named it tower of power
  4. i used to have a kinda small plastic bong with a BIG ass bowl on it. wayyy too big for the bong really lol called it Biggie Smalls lol
  5. lol i have the IceTower II and me and my buddys tom and tony smoke from it all the time...so we named it Tee Cubed, cuz we all have first names with T and its cube for the ice...we are so clever
  6. lol ahhhh the memories...

    my first bong was a 3 ft graphix - i named it elvis because i put a sticker on it with a picture of elvis that said "elvis is dead"

    you wouldnt believe the amount of people who used to come over just to pull 3 footers - i must have smoked 10 lbs of free weed because of it

    footnote: elvis was last seen making a state-wide tour around maine as part of a state-police antri-drug campaign/demostration after it was confiscated by police when i got pulled over. i wasnt even charged with anything either that's the best part :)
  7. you should name one steve and one keith...or Bill (both of them)
  8. had one like this except it was red black and green, with swirls and shirt, kinda looked african so i named it Rafiki (baboon in lion king)
  9. cosmic shindig
  10. The ripper,
    The resonator,
    The baker,
  11. The naming thing me and my friends always followed was, you don't name your own glass. After using it with your homies after a time it gets a name. Like my newest piece I've had a month we haven't made a name. The name will come, just like naming a dog lol. :hello:
  12. Thats a nice piece. Id name it Orestes who was a large fellow in greek mythology.

    Then again, I name all my pieces after greek mythological figures
  13. if i had a roor i would name it roorcardo
  14. Buddy




  15. I feel like it might be a bit cheesy, but I named my beloved bong Jack the Ripper.
  16. The Blue Bong of Death :eek:
  17. Jay and silent bong

    Bada bing, two names for both.
  18. unbreatheable
    the incredible
    big purp

  19. bra she is sexy
  20. Its a copyrighted bong name by ripbowlz corp but it is the LORAX
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