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good bong 250 or less

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tangerineskyyy, May 9, 2011.

  1. so ive had a couple bongs, but nothing really special. looking to step up a little, so, for 250, whats the smoothest hitting piece i could get? i dont care about the brand, purely want the best bang for my buck.
  2. Ive spent thousands on bongs, and recently picked up a tube with a perc. Let me tell ya, the hit is definately way smoother ( common sense ) and the taste is actually there a little more. I enjoy a bong with a fixed 18mm downstem.
  3. head out to your local head shop and see what they have. you can often times get a great deal on some local blown glass or a not to well known brand. i forget the brand but my friend recently got a very nice, thick, quality, fairly large bong with a dome perc at a shop around our town for 225. it was originally marked 300
  4. yeah ive looked at the two closest shops to me and nothing really caught my eye for a price i would have been happy with, so im turning to ordering online, from somewhere within the us, preferably.

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