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"Good" Blunts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by insatiablesmoke, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. while hanging out with a few friends, two of them started to argue about rolling the blunt, and then wanted to turn it into a competition..

    my question is.. what do you judge on for it to be a "good" blunt? thickness, tightness, even distribution?
  2. Ha that just happened to us. I thought I was pretty good at it but he seems to think hes the master. :smoke:
  3. I would say a blunt is good if it hits good and burns slow. Size would make it better but a good blunt could be any size that is rolled properly and burns at its potential.
  4. thinner is better... obv more weed is better though..
  5. all of the above, minus thickness. thickness just depends on how much you're blazin

    when it looks nice, is tight but not too tight, and burns even and slow

    i love blunt rolling competitions, though. friendly ones, of course :)

  6. Yeah when weed is legal and we can have blunt competitions in the public

    i think the judges would go by
    Appearance-- Even distribution , tight:loose , shape (straight , cone , etc)

    Smoke-- Balance , Smoothness , Slowness ,
  7. Favorite Wrap/Rillo Brand?
  8. burn time. even burning. clean and firm like a ciggarette. and how it hits.
  9. Yea i did this too with one of my friends too, we just sat down and both rolled a blunt next to each other and we were going to judge them at the end based on
    how good it looks just based on appearance
    how tight it was rolled
    and how good it smoked
    i won :D
    i didnt get any pictures of the blunts we rolled for the competition but i just rolled a couple the other day and took some pictures heres the thread
  10. Oh man I have heard this argument so many times with my friends, so much that I don't even bother asking to roll since there are already 2-3 people arguing for it. I like a blunt that burns slow and hits good. Some of the blunts I've smoked feel almost hollow and its like impossible to get a good hit. I hate that.
  11. in my opnion it has ALOT to do with the distribution of the weed, cuz this can make it burn slow/fast or canoe or not........
  12. it has to me tight but not to tight loose but not to loose. also it must have even distribution. no lumps no bumps no hole in the blunt ether so watch those stems, and it must rolled not folded, it must have a good seal must burn slow

    here is a blunt i rolled last night
  13. like some of the people have said..all of the above =p
  14. :) all depends on ocassion if im smoking it alone how much i want to smoke but i rolled a few personal blunts u can see them in my sig if its more peeps we all throw down for a bigger blunt :p

  15. You can't go wrong with a peach swisher dipped in hash oil.

  16. Wish I could roll a L like that.
  17. A Dutch Master filled with 3 Grams of Jack Herrer.
  18. Game's have never failed me.
  19. a good blunt to me is one that is rolled with no loose ends where bud is always falling out and shit, it sticked properly, its even on all ends with no lumps and shit, and one that you barely have to toke to get a mouth full of dense smoke, when that happens, you know you will have a good ass time

    and what kushkush said - ROLLED - NOT FOLDED
  20. you'll know the best when you smoke it ;)

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