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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by csrain, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Whats up guys
    I'm planning on making a trip up to B.C. this summer and might as well stop by and get some seeds. Anyone have some recommendations on reputable seed banks in that area? Any particular strains either?
  2. Kind seed.. look at their web site before going, you can also call them from a payphone for free (they have an 800 number) and ask them what they have in stock and what they think would be good. they have a pretty good staff.. STAY AWAY FROM KNOCK OFF STORES!!! I made that mistake my first trip there and omg 1k down the hole.. =[ but you should be good going to Marijuana Seeds (cannabis, pot) shipped worldwide good luck =] and Im pretty sure you need a Visa to get through border and back..
  3. + 1 for Kind Seeds also. Just got back from a seed run, 2nd time buying from them also. Prices have come down almost in 1/2 for some strains. Fems are still normal prices from what i looked at.

    For strains, I picked up: Maple Leaf indica, Big Bang (fem), Romulan / ??? (cant remember the mix), Burmese, Fuckin Incredible, Bunker Bud, mixed 10pack

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