good amazing art in photoshop! looks so real!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by bealzz, May 29, 2003.

  1. a lil fun i had with a pic of me from awhile ago.

    PS: its supposed to be a joke...these skill aint no good at all.
    look at the realistic lightning around the hands!

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  2. My girlfriend has that same Fight Club poster.
  3. good stuff, i like the constructive criticism :p
    yeah, its a nice poster

  4. did ya try to use the plugIn "EyeCandy"? you can create really cool spheres with it...looking like glass or chrome
  5. i like it. shows your individuality :)

  6. bleh... eye candy.
    u can do just about everything that plugin does with photoshop alone... it just increases workflow by about 2% and makes you relinquish a little control.

    tell u what bealz... get out your dodge tool (the one that looks like a black lolly pop) set it to highlights and use a small brush, then go over your lightning......

    TADA! fancy lightning! ;) lol
  7. yeah im liking it dude. Ver Nice :)
  8. Super Stoner level 2 is it?

  9. yeah good call digit.i was thinking the same thing.also a little glowing effect around your hands and upper body would be a nice touch.

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