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Goo Gone and Simple Green

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by revolvR, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Hey,
    Usually to clean out my pipe ill use salt/iso however a friend at work said to use Simple Green or Goo Gone, he says they will work better then salt and iso, can anyone verify?
  2. simple green definitely works great.. not too sure about goo gone
  3. You gotta be careful about putting chemicals into your smokeware, man. Just assume that even tiny amounts of shit get left behind even after the most thorough rinses. How much garbage do you really want to put into your lungs? :( This is why I always just stick to salt + iso alchy. Nothing but!!
  4. just bought a gallon of simple green for 10 bucks at home depot, took my 6 slides and a diffusor stuck it into a plastic container poured the simple green until the pieces were full submerged, let them soak for i would say 6 hrs, rinsed each slide individually and took some q-tips to clean the resin out...

    the simple green didnt really dislodge the resin from the slides, but it loosened it up to where you just stick the q-tip in and pull it out...
  5. Goo gone...


  6. lol thats not true, learn how to rinse and itll be fine. why would you wash your dishes with chemicals then. same shit.

  7. Washing dishes and then eating off of them is a little bit different than inhaling directly from it, in my opinion. I also don't think that it's possible for anything to be left behind as much as I rinse my tubes. But if there was anything left behind I'd rather inhale pure alcohol + salt rather than that plus whatever they put in commercial degreasers like purple power and simple green.

    Either way, whatever works for you. I was just stating my opinion and what I use!! :smoking:
  8. Well the only reason I was askin is it is biodegradable, which I think that's the only cleaning product I've ever seen that in biodegradable lol so it must be must less harsh then anything else. Even regular handsoap isnt biodegradable.
    LOL i know man, well I looked at it at a store and it had a bunch of little warning labels and shit like "Dont ingest" "Dont get in eyes" "Dont get on skin" so I was like "nahhh man i'm good"
  9. Goo gone sounds like a bad idea...
    Either use ISO and salt, Simple green, or Grunge Off Super Soaker.

    Or use simple green as a pre rinse to ISO and salt, it works pretty well. Just mix the SG with some water and shake it in your piece for a minute then dump that and use iso and salt.
  10. i would never put goo gone in my glass. you can dilute the simple green with some water i guess, people say they use that, but be careful because some labels have been eaten off tubes by it.

    like NYC said tho, grunge off is the best. you can order a case of 12 for $100 and that will last you at least a year.
  11. goo gone works kinda
    i highly suggest not trying it though.. i say this from experience lol
  12. glass is non porous it really doesnt matter what u put in it as long as u rinse it...occassionally i rinse with lacquer thinner, which is HIGHLY toxic, but I rinse like a madman, it smells like absolutely nothing afterwards, and you would be able to smell the thinner if it was leaving any on.

    simple green is nice because I have a cup full of it and i drop my slide in after use and rinse it after an hour and its nice and clean, i dont have to whip out the iso + salt like ive been doing the past 4 years...

    also simple green does not take off labels no matter how hard you try.
  13. simple green rocks but be careful, it can remove labels. i'd think this would be much more true with goo gone.
  14. #15 bluntbravo, Mar 25, 2010
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    Well I guess with the exception of some glass companies but aren't labels usually on the outside of the glass? I guess i better not clean my sheldon black pieces with SG.
  15. Not on downstems and slides. Some people still manage to get their cleaner on the outside of their tube though.
  16. Looks like mommy never told this guy that glass is nonporous. Besides... the fumes from the alcohol are FAR more dangerous than a metric fuckton of simple green could ever be.

    So you'd rather let your food directly absorb and transport potentially harmful chemicals than have them come into indirect contact via the air/smoke mix from the tube? That's not logical.

    Neither is assuming something is dangerous simply because it includes chemicals. Remember how the government tried to tell us that we should fear cannabis because it is a crude mixture of many different chemicals? That is the (il)logical path you are on.

    Good point. Simple Green isn't going to hurt you... unless you decide to replace your favorite refreshment with a glass of it.

    This situation reminds me of my favorite, albeit logically modified, proverb: If it has overwhelming positive reviews from those in "the know," Don't knock it til you've tried it.


    That being said there is always a place for an abrasive cleaner and iso+salt is the only one I will ever use.
  17. LOL EVERYTHING is made up of chemicals, our bodies, things we put in/on them, and the objects around us are all full of chemicals. You just have to figure out which are toxic and which can be beneficial, etc.
    Off topic:
    I'm wondering if Simple Green really removes hard water stains though.
  18. Wow, I think you read a little TOO hard into that one, bud! I am COMPLETELY aware that glass is not permeable by any liquid you might use to clean your glassware. Also, I don't see where I said anything about ingesting any foods that have been soaked in any type of harmful chemicals.

    I'm aware that I'm not a book of vast knowledge and I may not always be politically correct, but damn, Sinse! :smoking: Your two cents have been dually-noted. I would've taken to your advice a little more had you not have come off like such an elitist asshole! :p I'll say it again, though. Whatever works for you!!
  19. It doesn't remove hard water stains. Vinegar does though.

    Well you said you'd rather eat off dishes washed with chems or something like that right? Regardless... when you're right, you always seem like the asshole.

    I'm sorry if this makes me seem like even more of an asshole... but there is almost nothing I hate more than simple (minded) relativism when applied inappropriately. I'm referring to your use of the ideology "Whatever works for (me)!" or there is no truth only what is true relative to my perception.

    You see... there are absolute truths in life... where personal opinions and experiences have literally no value. Some things simply are not relative to subjective feeling and beliefs. For example, the Earth moves about its axis every day all the time. I don't care if that "works" for you or is perceived by you to occur. It simply IS.

    Simple green IS biodegradable, non-toxic and will do you no harm after even a light rinse of your glass.... no matter how you perceive it.

    Again sorry.... that's just one of my pet peeves. It's like scratching an itch... I woulda gone crazy if I didn't get it out. :p

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