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Gonna try to go for at least a week!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mystmoore, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I was passing time the other day and stopped into the vitamin shop.. Well I decided to pick up some niacin 250mg tabs for 6 bucks. Just took a half to see how I respond. I plan to start taking these everyday for a least a week to help speed up the process. I may try to get my ass back doing cardio to help too but my ribs are still beat. Last night I had a smoke out. Killed about a gram and a half of mids... I decided to go on a T break. Only been smoking since June but the last few weeks its been couple times a day ending with a blaze session. Smokin a few bowls is a pain in my bong. Just a starter bong.. Hit can be harsh, but last nights weed actually tasted nice for being mids. Took a klonopin so hopefully I'll crash later and gonna wake up early so its easier to sleep at night.

    I miss it already lol. Its needed though. I wanna try to go 2 weeks... but unless I get a job soon to take my mind off of having nothing to do I highly doubt that will happen.

    I cleaned out my bong though with 91% iso and salt... Smells new. Also cleaned out my grinder hardcore... some Iso in there.. shook it up real good and spread the iso on a plate with a fan going on it......Wow I already feel the flush and I only took the niacin when i started this lol. Anyway I know the iso wont be killer but I had tons of kief and other junk built up.... Grinder looks pristine now! Guess I'll save money this week on what I would have bought. Can't buy a nice big bong yet.. hard to hide. Wish me luck! I use mj during the day to keep anxiety down... grr this will be tough. :smoke:
  2. Good luck bro! I like to look at occasional T-breaks as a way of making sure you're still keeping everything in check you know? Take a week to make sure everything in school or work is still in order, and you've got a handle on how much you spend on weed ya dig? To be honest though the niacin might be going a bit overboard, you're not getting tested right? I'd save yourself the pain and just abstain for 2 weeks without the pills.
  3. I took the other half so thats 250mg.....I don't have any planned tests unless I do find a job soon. The burn isn't too bad though. Niacin has some benefits of taking it so oh well. Smoking bowl after bowl and still not getting that awesome blazed state sucked. I had to take a break. I don't get any dank around here so obviously when your tolerance goes up its a bigger deal than if you had dank.

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