Gonna try robotrippin just got a few questions

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  1. 1. What cold medication should i buy while at the store (Ive heard robotussin gels are legit just checking)

    2.Will i be okay by myself chances are eitheir way im going to be doing it by myself just wanna know both sides.

    3. Anything in general i should i do to increase the effects and/or visuals of the drug and will i be able to conrol my loudness and such?

    4. How long will the trip last and how long will it take to peak?

    5. Ive kind of had a shitty day today shoud i be doing this toda or waiting till tommorow.

    6. I know erowid has all of this info i will be looking there too just wondering what it was like you guys first time and what should i be expecting.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I've done it like 4 times and puked every single time....not worth it IMO

    And yes i've done the right shit and all that jazz
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    1.I prefer Zicam Max Cough Spray with chasers over robo gels. You only take .55 ounces of that stuff. Robo gels bother my throat since you have to take so many of them.
    2. You should be fine by yourself. Only if you take a really high dose. (700mg's-1200mgs)
    3. No lights and smoke weed with it.
    4. About 6 hours. Peak usually at the 2 hour mark.
    5. I would do it on a day you want to relax.
    6. 200-300 mg's very good high. More anxiety the more you take after that. More chance of actual tripping the more you take but lose the euphoria.
  4. Dude that shit DESTROYS your liver, and can kill you...please just go buy some LSD and have a happy/safe trip
  5. Hey sorry to sound like a newb but what does he mean "With a catch" and literally how bad does this zicam shit taste ?

  6. Bad but stuff in Warheads will totally neutralize it if taken right afterwards. Also some orange juice to get it down. No throat problems or nausea. Make sure the room is cool though. The stuff makes me overheated.
  7. So how man bottles of this zicam cough max spray should i take for a third plateau trip ?

  8. Zicam is no worse then a shot of grain

  9. 2 bottles. You'll definitely get a 3rd plateau. You might want to go 1.5 if this is your first time.
  10. a half of a bottle you'll feel it... but a full bottel you'll be fucked

    But i don't do DXM

    I don't like it
  11. Got anything to back this up besides conjecture? Because last time I checked DXM does absolutely nothing to the liver because it bonds with liver enzymes. Things like alcohol destroy the liver because the liver has to make enzymes to bond with the alcohol substrate, overloading the liver. DXM causes no such effect.

    Now, if you're dumb enough to take shit like Coricidin or any kind of tablet/syrup with APAP or anything else you're obviously gonna incur liver damage.

    Just trying to figure out where you got the idea that DXM destroys your liver man. I've never come across anything like that, and I've been studying the chemical for about 7 years now.
  12. from erowid

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