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Gonna try edibles soon, any tips on what to expect?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by crayzclown, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Hello, I'm gonna make some Firecrackers this Sunday and eat them with this girl I like. I was wondering what to expect? If it helps, I'm using about half a gram of Durban Poison (Dank Shit) in each firecracker. I also plan on telling her my feelings, wish me luck! :smoke:


  2. If you have until tomorrow, the best advice I can give is to START NOW!

    Firecrackers are a 'worst-case-scenario' edible, for folks without the time, or access to a kitchen, to make a proper edible. You'll need much more material (up to three times or more) to achieve the desired effect, versus a properly made edible oil.
    But if you begin by making your crackers today, decarb first, then wrap and bake them as directed, and allow them to sit in a room-temp location until tomorrow when you're ready for them... if you put a little more time and, effort into it, they will blow away a firecracker made in less time using the same quantity or even more material.

    A stronger effect, from less material, means: more bang for your buck. Good luck!
  3. Id use a g per fire cracker. and tell her how you feel BEFORE your too high, you might just get all quiet and awkward like weed can do sometimes hahaha
  4. i did something very similar and my lady friend got so high that she felt sick
    i felt fine, but she has never had edibles.. so she was feeling it. she still brings up how bad it tastes, hopefully your lady friend is a little easier to please :)

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