Gonna take 90 mgs of adderall XR

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  1. Im not gonna crush them up or anything im just gonna straight drop them i just wanna know how long i will be zooming and when the comedown will start. I m gonna drop them around 230 before work and i dont get off till 1015 is the comedown gonna come before that time. Also ive heard when on addy's you feel like everything you do you do more efficient? Will i actually like working ?
  2. I dont know if you will like working, but you will sure as hell do it.
  3. I wouldnt describe Adderall as "zooming" even when snorting. It makes you energetic, thats about it. Its good with drinking, but for sitting in a room, Ill pass.

    BTW, I almost never do work while using it, even when not drinking.
  4. That's gonna be intense dude do you have a tolerance?
  5. dunno bout the xr but with the ir I am always more efficient
  6. No i dont have a tolerance but last time i took 45 mgs and it really did nothing for me
  7. Just took the plls around 15 minutes ago how long till it hit me ?
  8. Should be hitting you soon and 90mg of XR is going to fuck you up and wreck your day if you have no tolerance.

    Have fun on your hellish ride.
  9. Haha ill be at work hopefuly ill be able to stand it :devious: will i be tweaking ?
  10. Yeah dude...

    You're in for a suprise, I hope you have some downers too.
  11. I work really effeciently when on aderall...(30mg right now and just knocked out some hw that would usually take me 2x as long) but i dont know if 90mg is necessary save some for later
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    dont do it, i took 85 and i was fucked i was up for three fucking days and i was fucking MISERABLE when i was coming down i wanted to fucking kill myself. i made a thread about it, you can find it somewhere on here. fucking TERRIBLE decision.

    edit: didnt realize you already took them. guess your fucked then. good luck sleeping and dont forget to eat man.
  13. im excited about hearing what happened when he gets off work in an hr
  14. yeah hes not gonna be sleeping tonight
  15. 90mgs? thats 3x the recommended daily maximum. hope you dont have high bp or heart problems...
  16. 50mg-60mg is usually where I usually where I dose, and that has me going pretty damn good if my tolerance is down.

    90mg can cause quite a few problems with no tolerance.
  17. yeah hes prolly gonna be geeked for like 12 hours and unable to sleep for quite some time.
  18. He took XR pills so I'm gonna say that he'll be up for 2 days at least. Unless he has some benzos or barbs, in which case he will probably just enjoy himself.
  19. So im assuming the OP didnt have much fun. Or an incredible amount of fun.

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