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  1. After my first grow is done, i'm going to aim toward an all organic second grow :D

    I've been doing some reading of the stickies and read a lot of the info, but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of simple soil mixes, and maybe a beginner tea?

    Now what i'm confused about with organics, will just having like earthworm castings, rock dust, kelp meal, and a few other things I can pick up at a local nursery enough to feed it? Or do I have to add the teas right away?

    Thanks :) I'm looking forward to never having to use a pH meter! :devious:
  2. Compost tea
    Note: To promote fungal growth add baby oatmeal to compost at a rate of 1:20 ratio (.80 oz per 2 cups) two days before starting the compost brew its self.

    2.38% compost: 5 x 2.38% = 0.119 = 1.9 cups = 2
    0.50% molasses: 5 X 0.5% = 0.025 = 6.4 tablespoons or 6 tablesoons + 1 teaspoon
    0.063% fish hydrolysate: 5 X 0.063% = 0.8 tablesoon or just under a tablespoon
    0.063% soft rock phosphate: 5 X 0.063% = 0.8 tablesoon or just under a tablespoon [JUDGEMENT CALL ON SRP due to radioactivity]
    0.25% kelpmeal MAX.; 5 X 0.25% = 3.2 tablespoons MAX: Be aware that kelpmeal can slow down brewing time


    The base:
    2 parts peat moss
    1 part organic matter (my home made compost)
    1 part 1/4" rock cinders (for aeration)

    The amendment mix:
    All equal parts -
    Fish bone

    The rock dust mix:
    2 parts coral calcium
    1 part soft rock phosphate
    1 part native red rock dust

    Then the mix:
    To every cubic foot of base mix add 3 cups of amendment and rock dust mix. Mix thoroughly then add a compost tea to the mix. Let it sit for a month or so before use. And you're good to go!
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