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Gonna start rolling...or at least try

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PuFyy, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Welp I got tired of expensive glass. It was pain to hide since I live with my parents and cleaning and bringing it places, especially in a car is just a hassle. So I went out and got a DBV for at home and told myself I would take up rolling for when I was on the go. I didnt want to buy a pipe/chillum because I like to be able to toss a jay/blunt if shit gets sketchy and I prefer the element of smoking a blunt or jay. I never have learned how to roll, and the times my friend tried to teach me I always failed miserably as I have terribly shaky hands and it makes rolling almost impossible. So I decided I was going to buy a joint roller, blunt roller and some papers/blunt wraps from amazon. Now could anyone lead me in the right way for these items?
  2. Yeah, it's called a smoke shop, not amazon.
  3. The one near me doesn't have any rolling machines...
  4. Agreed... I get mine at the corner gas staiton...and pay about what one would for shipping...:)
  5. Well i got this 25 dollar visa card that I want to use, as I am currently strapped for cash
  6. Then buy it from amazon man. Or just try to learn its not that hard. I got shakey hands too but pratice.makes perfect
  7. get some RAW rolling papers
    When I started rolling I found that making a boat helped tons, basically you fold the paper in half like you were rolling it, then twist one of the bottom corners together and open the paper, then you can put your bud in and get it situated without worrying about spilling it everywhere.
  8. i got my roller from this site it was like 6 bucks plus shippinh but i had other stuff coming as well so it was worth it
  9. Link please? It's a visa gift cards so it can be used anywhere basically
  10. Fuck the machine, learn to roll like a American with what god gave ya..... I didn't learn to have sex from a machine......... my friends mom taught me.

  11. I think he meant here at Grasscity.
  12. lol rolling has always been really simple to me i could never understand why people had trouble with it .. at most gas stations & minimarts you can get rollers for $2
  13. [quote name='"PuFyy"']Link please? It's a visa gift cards so it can be used anywhere basically[/quote]

    Actually i dont think u can use them over seas anymore
  14. Make sure you buy the right sized papers for the machine too. I bought a simple roller from GC and some juicy jays. The juicy jays were 1 1/4 size and my roller is too small for them so I had to cut part of it off. I'd recommend just buying a longer roller, I think zig-zags are like $5 for the 1 1/4 size.
  15. I never heard of this could help me roll js.

    OP idk about you but I find blunts so much easier to roll, even though mine tend to come apart when it gets to the roach. Everything before that is solid though so if js are screwing you up buy wraps, they're like a dollar for 2 and they come with a straw for stuffing weed back in if it falls.

    Anyone have rolling tips while we're on the subject?
  16. ya the papers i like are 1 1/4 i always have to cut them to size but then i got some extra papers to make roaches out of

  17. Grinders are a rollers friend....;)
  18. The only problem is your going to use more weed now :mad:

    -1 for rolling....

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