gonna smoke with this girl... maybe more?

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  1. so i know this chick who lives around me while everyone else is at school. since i was suspended i haven't been able to lay the mack down as much as i had wanted to being in school.

    anyway, i know this girl named A. she's like a year or two older than me and first time i met and hung out with her it was through mutual friends and we smoked up and a good time. that was a few years ago. recently, i've been communicating with her through facebook a little. mostly sharing music and stuff cuz she told me she likes my taste in music.

    she swung by today to buy something from me. i texted her after she left asking if she still smokes. she said 'of course lol' and i asked her if she wanted to chill and smoke some time soon. she said 'yea definitely'.

    now i don't really "like" her but i wouldn't mind exchanging sexual favors with her for the mean time while i am home. is it too much to just bluntly ask during/after the session? any thoughts or advice welcome.

    if any one has an actual story of experience in this similar situation that would be even better.
  2. tits or gtfo
  3. tell her to wear a short dress.... get stoned and stick your face right between her legs!
  4. dont ask, just do it. i'ma girl, trust me on this one. haha. she'll either go for it, or be like no. in which cause you can just say, "oh my bad. haha your hit." and pass her the blunt, yknow? dont make it a big deal or awkward if you get rejected. laugh it off and try again next time lol
  5. Your best bet's that really.
    If you flat out ask a chick for sexual favours she'll find it insulting. Make a move and if you get rejected then whatever, better luck next time. Not a lot of girls dig the whole "one night stand" thing.
  6. Go for it!


    Go for it!

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