Gonna quit smoking cigs! Who has done it?

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  1. I am on my last half of a pack of smokes and I am not going to buy anymore. It will be tough but I have to do it, I cant smoke forever. Being at work without them will be the hardest thing of all.

    Who has smoked for a few years then stopped? How successful were you? Cant wait for my lungs to clear up a bit, I know I will feel a lot better.
  2. I quit two years ago while I was doing my second year of my apprenticeship schooling. I decided to quit during one of the most stressful times, because it was more of a test for myself. To quit while going through those motions convinced me that I would be able to get through future stressful times.
    I ended up giving a friend the rest of my pack, he asked me on a regular basis if I wanted one. I always politely declined the offer because I knew he was trying to break me down. Not going to lie though I kinda used smoking joints as a crutch when I was at home.
    I didn't slowly cut down, I didn't use any other form of nicotine to kick my habit. I went cold turkey because I had finally decided that I was ready to be done with it. I pretty much convinced myself that it made me feel sick when I did it, so mind over matter really helped.

    If you want to quit, with the right mindset it can be done. Because if you don't want to deep down inside it will make it that much easier to fall off the wagon.
    Good luck on quitting!!
  3. I smoked a pack and thought to myself, "boy, these taste like shit". Not a smoke since.
  4. I always get to the point where I'll start smoking 4-5 cigs a day, then I'll say "fuck this" and quit for about a week or two. Then i'll say Ah whatever I havent had one in a while, smoke a nice cig, get a fat fucken head rush, and start 1-2 a day until the cycle continues.

    In the long run I'd say quit
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    I'm about a month and a half deep. It's totally possible to quit and it's much, much easier than you might think.

    Here are some things to think about that have really helped me stay quit this long, which is longer than I've ever gone.

    For one, don't try to quit. Don't be in the "process of quitting". Just fucking quit. Stop smoking cigarettes. You won't be a smoker after you quit. You might have a lingering addiction, but that's just a holdover from when you were a smoker and it'll go away after a little while.

    Two, when you're really tempted to smoke "just one" think about how likely it is that you're actually just gonna smoke that one. In all probability, that smoke is gonna lead to another smoke, and another, which will continue indefinitely. If you keep smoking for a while after that, you'll smoke what, a few thousand cigarettes? So don't think "I'm just gonna smoke a cigarette", think "I'm just gonna smoke like ten thousand cigarettes" because in all reality that's more like what you're signing up for.

    I thought the withdrawals would be really bad, but I was perfectly able to function after going from like a pack a day, if not more, to cold turkey quitting. At this point it's like I occasionally get a craving which I'm used to ignoring by now.
  6. i've tried to quit but usually its a halfassed quit like ill tell myself i wont buy anymore but then i bum from my friends until i dont wanna feel like a bum and buy more.

    mu idea for a really quitting is to basically replace ciggerettes with water. ill get the oral fixation out of the way and ill have something in my hands. that and aspirin for the headaches. soon enough ill try it and let u know.

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