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Gonna make bong out of half gallon Crown Royal..

Discussion in 'General' started by xsubxwooferx, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. I have empty crown royal glass bottle and thinking of making water bong....Problem is, I am not sure what to use for the carb....any ideas?

  2. A hole?
  3. ? so stick the weed in a hole?
  4. When I made a gravity bong out of a gallon hawaiin punch bottle I used a sugar funnel thing as my bowl. If you attach that to something that you could stick through a hole in the glass. My greastest suggestion would be to watch some videos on YouTube of people making bongs tho a lot of them already have carbs.
  5. A carburetor is hole placed in the pipe in which you put your finger over to allow the build up of smoke in the chamber. Once your ready, you lift your finger off and release the built up smoke in the chamber.

    Are you taking about the slide/bowl?
  6. Yeah I need a object to put the weed in so it gets into the crown royal bottle
  7. [​IMG]
    thats the simpliest way i can image how to make that bottle a bubbler with out drilling holes.

    Socket wrench heads work good for bowls but you will need a screen.
    also some salt and pepper shaker tops work good for bowls.
  8. one problem with that design, is the plastic tube from the bowl to the bottom of the reservoir. that shit will melt, but an easy way to fix it is to go to a VIP, advanced auto, whatever the hell you guys have for stores like it where you are and buy some brake/gas lines. you can get some pretty narrow metal tubes to use, and all you have to do is cut the shit to length.

    i made a bubbler out of a tall bottle with some brakeline, it was wide enough that i just rolled a short, fat cone out of an aluminum can, cut the tip off, and stuck that shit straight into the brakeline. worked very well.

    or just:
  9. Well what I have right now is Screen from sink foset....half gallon empty lol crown royal ...drill to drill the whole in bottle...and socket...what would i use for tube i guess?
  10. Get a socket from a ratchet set yo. I made a gravity bong out of a smirnoff glass bottle. Shits mad easy to cut the bottom off if you take your time and do it properly.
  11. just make sure you have the right stuff to do it so you dont break the glass...

    Good luck
  12. i hope you have good drill bits. a friend of mine once tried to drill a hole in a bottle for a bong and the bottle exploded while he was holding it.
    that was a trip to the hospital.
  13. LOL all I got is reg drill bits...hoep it dont break glass..
  14. lol thats not my bubbler id never buy anything like that just giving ideas for a easy DIY.

    When I used to make home mades i always used a crayola marker. I just took out the ink insert and cleaned it. Mine never melted or anything either.

    you need a glass drill bit or your bottle will shatter i promise you that.
  15. Also say I used that crayola marker for tube part....should end in the glass touch the water or not?
  16. if not, you might was well not put water in it.
  17. i didnt read any of the other post so i dont know if anyone has said this but you dont even need to make an extra hole for the carb. Just make a slider and it works alot better.
  18. so how deep in the water u think?
  19. two inches, or thereabout.
  20. btw how do u get the market out of the crayola...im having hard time and cut myself already ha

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