gonna have some absinthe

Discussion in 'General' started by botanist al, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. me and my mate are gonna have some absinthe. Its this herbal drink that tastes like absolute horse's piss, but 10 times worse. Anyway its got no alchohol in it at all so ive been told and the high is not like being drunk or stoned or anything else. Its gonna be cool as, we are gonna have it this weekend.

    HAs anyone here drank this before? Whats it like? Any hints you'd llike to give me....apart from stand near a toilet when i drink it because im likely to spew its that feral haha yeah ive been told plenty of times....

  2. http://www.a1b2c3.com/drugs/abs03.htm
    check that link out on how to make it yourself.

    And yes it has alcholol in it. And usually pretty high leveled alcholol 110 proof+

    Just imagine you being drunk off of everclear and halluniating at the same time. (if you want to do an experiment-without drinking absinthe, just get drunk and eat some shrooms)


    PS: And yes be very careful with this stuff. It can really fuck you up, esspecially if you add some everclear or other hard alcholol into it.
    Say if you add everclear to this stuff--don't drink ANYmore then a shot. If even a shot.
    Along with this and anyother drug use it in moderation.
    Try to save the Absithe for a special occassion (I.E. Bday/Xmas party/other party) its not really a thing to just use for recreational usage like pot or other acholol.

    Also side note: The classic Absinthe is a green liquid. To get the green liquid you have to let the worm wood (look at the link I gave you) sit in the alcholol (vodka, barcardi, everclear-anything above 100/110 proof) in the dark for 10 days and it should come out greenish.
  3. yip, brought a couple of bottles back from Andorra, it's deff alcoholic, you get diffrent strengths, like 50% the stuff i had was 62% and a 70%..........just treat it like a strong shot, it's like 1 shot is the same as 2 shots of Jack D........

    absinthe with woodworm in it is illegil in most countries, but not a few European ones........it is green in colour, and is quite expensive unless in Andorra, it's $8 a litre there........here in the U.K. it's about $50 a bottle, for the real good stuff..........

    be carefull and wait for someone else to tell you if it's working as you'll feel just fine and then it hits you.......lol

    it's the stuff Van Gogh drank when he cut his ear off........but the kinds you get now aren't as potent as that.........

    if i remem,ber right, you're supposed to burn it on a spoon and pour it over a sugar cube to help sweeten it up........BE PREPARED TO SCREW YOUR FACE BOY!!.......lol.........it tastes like SH*!!!.........lol.........Peace out..............SDid
  4. i love absinthe. i often buy this stuff from Tesco called La Fee (the fairy). it's 70% i think.

    how can you say it tastes awful? i love the taste so much i drank the whole litre over two days.

    didn''t make me hallucinate or anything. i just felt really pissed, but without the stupour.

    good stuff.

    usually, if i've had a couple of shots of absinthe i don't feel much. but then i drink just a pint of a beer and i'm gone..
  5. A herbal drink?Tastes like horse piss?I don't think you are worthy enough to drink it.

  6. I drink it all the time and by the sounds of things nobody in your area has any idea about absinthe.
    It is a minimum of 55 proof.
    It gets its psychotropic effect from grand wormwood(Artemisia absinthium)
    People have died from the consumption of absinthe.
    If you want more info try
  7. I've wanted to try absinthe for a long time. It is always alcoholic, but with varying proofs. The classic way to drink it is in sugar water. Drink a shot or two of the absinthe. I've heard after that, the alcohol takes over more than the absinthe since it's a much lower concentration than it used to be. It's hard to find real absinthe in the US b/c it's illegal and often things are sold under names like absente to try to trick you. Read up on erowid some. I remember there being a wealth of info about absinthe there.
  8. They drank that on CSI i think it was, vampires, at a blood bar. And on Murder By Numbers.
  9. Johnny Depp drank it in one of his movies but it escpes me which one right now.
  10. from hell ..the one with jack the ripper

    ..ya depp drinks that shit and eveutnaly ods on opium in the end of teh movie

    but the absinteh and opium suposodly helped him foresee the murders of jack ripper ..good movie

    absinthe is illegal in the US :-( is like to try some, but its only legal in switzerland, england, holland and a few other places
  11. they drink it in bram stoker's dracula too. winona ryder and gary oldman... not to mention the morphine and other drugs in that movie

  12. The movie you're thinking of is called From Hell and is centered around the investigation of Jack the Ripper.
  13. i really like absinthe. it's a very nice spirit. but i think it's overrated.

    the only reason it can kill you is because it has such a high alchohol percentage.

    and, it's never made me trip. not even a little. i've tripped out more from cannabis.
  14. actually, the reason it used to kill people is because of the high wormwood concentration and impurities. Plus, it's actually a neurotoxin. Now, it's not nearly as strong as it used to be and it would take a shit load to die from the alcohol, especially if you got one of the lower proofs, like 55.
  15. I might have a shot or 2 of it tommorow night, it's avaible in the pubs around here, £3 a shot.
  16. if you don't trip on absinthe, then it is NOT real absinthe, it is just an alcoholic beverage with no wormwood claiming to be something it's not.

    I want to try a shot of good stuff, but I don't have any cash right now, and getting the good stuff shipped from europe would be an expensive hastle . . .

  17. Well said man!
  18. Copied from absinth.com:


    Artemisia Absinthium is the chief flavouring ingredient, native to Europe and Asia.; other aromatic ingredients include aniseed, licorice, hyssop, fennel, angelica root, star aniseed... Wormwood is a long-lived plant, with greyish-green leaves and the flowers have a greenish-yellow tint, and like leaves give off a strong aromatic odor and are bitter to the taste. Thujone is a toxic chemical present in wormwood and has a similar molecular geometry with THC, the active chemical in cannabis.
  19. in my art class we were talking about Van Gogh and my teacher brought up that he used to drink this type of alcohol that had hallucinigenic effects, he said it's illegal in the US but still can be found in Europe. he didn't remember the name so i asked if it was absinthe. he said yeah, then shot me that "how did you know that?" look. i shot him back the "because i'm into that kind of shit look" and he responded with an "oh, me too" look. it was fun.

    [edit: just saw that sid posted about it earlier]
  20. Funny you bring it up, because I'm in the process of brewing some.

    Not expecting much out of it, because I'm pretty sure my homemade absinthe isn't going to be what they show in the movies.

    I've also heard the commercial stuff is weaker, less thujone content, but at the same time that's probably a lot safer than too much considering thujone is toxic. For me, it was just cheaper to get all of the ingredients.

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