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  1. So my best business partner offered me two seeds if I look after them and do 50/50 on the harvest. Is it as complicated as the internet wants to make me believe or can I just pot them and water them once the soil gets dry.
    I don't care how much it yields as long as it yields and I don't have to invest anything.
  2. That's a horrible deal..
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  3. Do you have lights? Is it going outside? Do you have a pot? Or soil? Your gonna end up having to buy something. Unless you get extremely lucky
  4. I'll have to get A pot and soil and then I'd grow in my place.
    I guess I should rephrase my question.
    Do I need to buy expensive lights or will a normal lamp linked to a timered plug do. Or can I just pot it and place it next to the window?
  5. Lol 50/50 of nothing is still nothing
  6. Is this a serious question
  7. They dont grow for free unless your planting outside and then still its not free
  8. A lamp isn't gonna cut it. Unless you want like a bowls worth of bud. It would probably end up being cheaper to just buy weed from someone than try and grow with a normal lamp
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I ain't gonna do it if we don't do 50/50 on the investions.
    Have You got any suggestions on a lamp (lumen or Kelvin values or whatever)
  10. You know seeds r cheap why split anything
  11. I guess I just like the feeling of doing something illegal with associates. I'd share it anyways so if I can save the money on the seeds why not.
  12. Cost of seeds is the cheap part lol im bout 1300$ into my grows
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  13. If your worried about 20$ for seeds this endeavor is not one to pursue. Good soil is that or more good lights can be 100+ you got a light proof closet cause if not u gonna need one or a tent. I mean yea you can cfl grow some bs without good soil nutes ect but you get what you put in.
  14. Have fun splitting your yeild of 10 grams
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  15. Holy Fuck now I've got second thoughts. Well who cares I'm gonna give it a try. I got nothing to lose anyways. It's called weed for a reason ain't it.
    It'd still be 5 g. I've done a lot more for a lot less
  16. You want bud porn its gonna cost u vs nasty amature tranny bud porn
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  17. I don't want no trannys lol. Good thing there's this forum full of people knowing more about marijuana then I do.
  18. No its called Cannabis. And its a desired skill, if you think for a moment a light bulb a bag of soil and water is gonna get you far your sadly mistake.
  19. Beginner cost 150$ you wanna spend it ill tell u what to buy
  20. But sharing 50% lol all the work out of the question

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