Gonna be starting a grow, but I have some questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rosecitytoker, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. So, I live in Oregon, and come July, marijuana will be legal. It's not medical so I hope there isn't a different place a should put this, but it is all legal, promise.
    Anyway, with the new law going into effect making it legal for adults to grow up to 4 plants, I'm looking to start a small grow of..well, 4 plants, but naturally I've never done this before and looking for some tips from some more experienced growers. I'm thinking of doing bubbleponics with LED lights due to energy costs - set up costs aren't a huge deal for me, as I can buy the stuff over time or save up if need be, but I'm not looking to buy anything thats super expensive either..that said, maintenance costs are the biggest thing I need to worry about, so, all of that said, here's a quick shopping list I scribbled down and I'm wondering if I'm missing anything.
    4 x 4 x 7 grow tent
    carbon scrubber
    full spectrum LED lights
    LED mounting ratchet
    water tank
    water pump
    drip manifold
    air pump
    air stones
    air pump timer
    expanded clay rocks
    rockwool squares
    net pot
    pH tester
    pH balancer
    quick cure drying rack
    mason jars
    <span style="background-color:transparent;">Beyond that, there are two things I'm really not sure exactly what I need, and a third that I'd love some recommendations on. The first is the lights, I was looking into Black Dog LEDs, but they seem super expensive for me, I've found a few on amazon for much cheaper, namely the </span>Apollo Horticulture GL100LED Full Spectrum 300W but I'm not sure what exactly to look for. the other is the grow tank, How big of a tank would I need for bubbleponics with 4 plants? I was thinking of getting a 10 gallon or so, but I'm not sure if that would be too small, over-kill, or what.
    Now, the thing I'm looking for recommendations on is heat control. I don't want to just toss in a floor heater and small AC unit or fan and call it a day, I'm more looking for something a bit more automated than that, that way if I have to leave for extended periods, I don't have to worry about my plants. I'm not sure where I'll be growing, but the most likely space will be putting the grow tent in my garage.

  2. If you are going to go LED instead of HID you will not have much of a problem with heat. A good fan will take care of the heat from LEDs. If you are going to go 4x4x7 you will however need more than 300W. That list looks pretty expensive from my perspective. Good luck!  :bongin:
  3. You've a big tent, get a 1000w hps. Your plants will love you for it. If you get a dimmable ballast you can run a 600w light until you fill it up. You want to run 50-75w per sqft draw from the mains no matter what type of light you go for. That LED you're looking at is only 150w from the mains. You've a 16sqft space, the math don't lie...

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