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Discussion in 'General' started by GreenLantern420, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Well, I just figured I'd explain my situation as to why I'm not here much. First off I started getting heavily into opiates, tolerance got to high up to about 160mgoxycodone started getting WD's. Trying to taper down on that. With this going on I'm taking my GED class(lol loser dropout, yes:D) My brother moved into a new trailer I'm trying to stop by there often to keep him occupied so he doesn't fall back into some drug addiction. Thought I found some nice news that he apparantly fooled around with my girlfriend about 3 years ago and blamed it on another frined of mine. Well the friend he blamed I stopped talking to, made up with him after avout a year, a week later he OD'd and died. Now I came to find out recently that it was actually my brother that fooled around with her, so I stopped talking to my BEST friend almost until he died be cause of a fuckin cover-up lie from my bro. It hurts to much to explain. Just got done crying for about 45min straight, started taking benzos again, 60mg valium and 15mg oxy. I need to get my life in order, FAST. So, I'll be around as/when I can. I just don't know if I can handle my ex and my brothers crap. It's got me a wreck inside

    I mean, what kind of brother does something like that? I would never pull something like that on him, ever, no matter what.

    (edit: I might decide this is too private to be in public forums by morning, so it might be deleted)
  2. damn that sucks. good luck bro
  3. Man..im so sorry..

    You and your situation will be in my thoughts and meditations
  4. Thinking of you, GL. I left you a message.
  5. damn man

    good luck!
  6. Thank you all, it's nice to have some people care. I think it'll be best to think things out in the morning, once I'm sober I think I might be able to sit down and figure out what to do. On one hand I love my brother and don't want to drop him out of my life, on the other hand It would be nice not to have to deal with a bi-polar schtizo ex-drug addict on the border line of major relapse. I think it'll be more clear tomorrow.

    I hope.

    I thank you both again, I feel alot better after I left his house, just being there made me unstable
  7. this bowl is for you GL. Don't worry, man it'll get better this is just a pothole in the long windy road we call life.
  8. That's some rough stuff man. I hope things work out for you. Stop by The City when you have time.
  9. Harsh man :(

    I'll dedicate this outrageous blunt to you :smoke: *postive vibes your way bro
  10. When I read shit like that, it makes me glad I was the only child. My heart goes out to you man. My ex-wife cheated and I could only imagine the pain of finding out it was your bro after all this time. I will be praying for you tonight. Don't let this be your downfall. :)
  11. Well, apparntly my bros girlfriend is interested in one of my good buddys. And *supposedly* tonight she's gonna break up with my bro to be with him. I know that kind of attitude isn't a good one to have, I can't help but think he deserved every bit of what he gets if she leaves him. He treats her like shit, doesn't want her to have friends. And has hit her on one or two occasions, so it would be for the best anways.

    Karma's a bitch, and I love her for it:D
  12. Sorry brotherman. Beat your brothers ass or something. Confront!
  13. Besides the around 100lb weight difference(muscle) I won't fight family. He's tried to fight me before, I refuse, may sound pussy to some, it's just how I feel about domestic situations

    If he wants to fuck me over like that, than he can consider himself brotherless. that's how I see it. Cause a real brother wouldn't of done something like that in the first place.
  14. Im sorry you are going through such rough shit rihgt now, but were here for you, and Im sending good vibes your way, just hang in there.
  15. Wow man that's some heavy shit. I hope things start to look up for you, best of luck.
  16. Guess the only thing you can do is sit back smoke a bowl, and try to make the best of an incredibly shitty situation. positive vibes your way, man

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