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Gonna be a fun night...headies, hash, and kief.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr. Bunglesmith, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Picked up 2 ounces of headies from my boy earlier today. The buds are very nice, lots of trichs and everything. After handing him the money, ha also informed me there was a little surprise mixed into the bag.

    Upon further inspection at my house, I discovered 3 grams of hash mixed throughout the ounces. :hello:

    I got a grinder full of kief here, so I'm gonna mix kief and hash together into some nice bong bowls with the heads. :D
  2. uhm... wanna hang out sometime?
  3. don't you love dealers that do that kind of shit to you. i've gotten a bag with a pre-rolled joint of the shit in it, he told me to enjoy on the way home, after i smoked it i weighed the baggie at home and it still came to an 1/8
  4. Yeah, when I buy quarters from my boy he always throws me a couple extra buds so it equals out to like 8 or 9g. Dealers like those are the keepers.
  5. my dealer happens to be one of my best friends so im with him a lot. a lot of favors, a lot of little suprises haha its sick
  6. Ya my dealers a good friend of mine too. Been doin buisness with him for a year or so now, always has good buds at good prices. I get hash mixed in every now and then, and he's always strait.
  7. Dude ive never even SEEN hash. I live outside Baltimore and their is like NONE here at ALL. Maby i just dont have a good connection but he also said he can only get hash if he makes it.
  8. thats pretty nice of the guy

    most dealers give me exact wieght

    its straight, but NEVER that fat
  9. Yeah the guy I've been fucking with for the majority of the last two years always weighs me out 3.5, 28.0, etc. right on the dot. Meh..
  10. at least hes not tryina rip you off like some assholes do.

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