GonG with Oil Accessories

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  1. What up GC.

    I'm looking around for GonGs and decided that I'd try and get some feedback. I have an idea of what I'm looking for, maybe you guys can point out good places to buy or maybe better the setup.

    - Clear, simple GonG
    - Diffused downstem
    - 18mm and I'll do 14mm conversion for the bowls / oil attachments
    - I'm favoring TI Nails over Healthstones at the moment.

    This sounding alright?

    - Don't need percs
    - Don't need ice pinch
    - I'd like to spend around 250, that possible? Oil rigs seem expensive.
  2. You could get an SSFG travel tube along with showerhead diffused downstem along with an inline ashcatcher for around $120. SSFG makes good glass too man ;) I also reccomend HVY and SYN for nice inexpensive straight tubes :bongin:

    Or you might want to get a price from Apix Designs for a king stemline, I believe a non-worked king stem would definitely be in your price range :cool:
  3. I know your wanting a Gong. I like toros for smoking concentrates. and if your getting a ti nail. You may come out around that price. Cant upload pix right now. But its great for wax. just my two cents.

  4. Awesome man. Appreciate the Apix designs recommendation. Definitely a new option I'll explore!

  5. Any chance you are talking about the Toro Micro?
  6. It was 225. The catcher was another 130.


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