GonG owners, do you take your diffuser/downstem out when put away??

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    exactly as the title says.
    i was just sitting here smoking a bowl out of my roor and wondered what you guys do??

    Im just really worried about jointlock, so i usualy take it out but sometimes ill leave it in if its to dirty and i dont wana clean it right then (i clean it every 2-3 days strictly).
    I noticed that whenever im using it i constanly twist the diffuser so it doesnt get locked up.

    But i noticed water gets into the joint and i can see it make a seal instantly and it sketches me out because i think the waters gona dry and get the diffuser stuck in the joint,
    Am i crazy or is joint lock pretty common?:(

    BTW its never got stuck.
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  3. i mean that it might get the diffuser stuck in the joint
  4. Always. I clean all of the setup before i put it away, so i pull out the downstem, and keep stem all seperate. It would really suck to be your unlucky day that a diffy gets stuck cause you didnt want to take it out, and bam, you're joint breaks when you try to get it out.
  5. not at all. thought most of the time i also dont dump out the water or even clear the bowl. whatever floats your boat i guess, i'm just too lazy
  6. Do you own a roor/illadelph/quality bong?
  7. I'm not understanding why you would want to treat your quality bong in any manner that might break it.
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    na i just leave it in and ive never had any problems with joint lock.

    edit: damn, reading trikkys post scares me. i might start taking it out...
  9. Are you talking about me, because if thats the case i dont see how you think that im treating my bong badly, because of the fact that im asking whats BEST for it, and i clean it pretty often and are very carefull with it.
  10. Always take it out. My first GonG tube suffered joint lock while I was on vacation about a six months after I got it.

    Occasionally when I'm uber stoned after one of those late night toking sessions I'll leave my tube filled up with the diffy in. I clean my stuff daily though, so no grime has a chance to really accumulate to cause problems anyways.

    Still good to be safe with $$$ investments :bongin:
  11. First, I didn't say you were treating your bong badly. I said, "in a manner that could result in it breaking." And yes, leaving a downstem in after use could definitely cause jointlock and if that happens, you could definitely break your joint trying to unlock it.
  12. Do you drive with the e-brake locked on your car?
  13. Not at the moment. I'm trying my best to find some Grunge Off in Canada (or rather, find some online that will ship to Canada) and once that arrives I'll start cleaning all my shit instantly. Right now I just leave the diffuser in, keck clip on.
  14. well the joint i put my downstem/diffy in does get wet most the time even though i try and keep it dry by wiping it off in between hits. I hate having a male part in a wet female part....it just grinds my gears...

    but after awhile because of hardwater...a calcium or lime build up starts to appear on the inner lip of my female joint, and also below the water line of the tube, and on the stem that is submerged under water

    this really grinds my gears.

    usually ill just fill the tube up with vinegar up to the normal water level and let the stem bathe in it for awhile and BAM no more crusty build up.

    but ya...if the joints are properly cleaned and dried i dont think theyll get stuck.
  15. i pull the downstem outta only one of the ascatchers i have to reduce the drag and the amount of noise it makes cuzz its so loud and i have to be a stealthy smoker lol

    other then that zactly like trickky said why wld u wana do something to ur quailty Gong peice that might in turn break it ...

    better to be stuck then broke
  16. Some bongs are expensive, it's either take the time to clean it or risk having to fix something.

    Can GonG parts lock together if you just leave them? I don't own a GonG..
  17. :eek::eek::eek:
  18. for real my bong is only fully assembled when im using it....otherwise theyre both broken down in their cases i try to keep my tubes completely safe
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    I am very good to all my glass, especially gong pieces. Mine all have keck clips, and I always ALWAYS dry everything before setting it up(and putting away), I change the water every bowl or session and keep everything clean, usually the tube stays pretty clear with an ashcatcher though.. I handle them very carefully so that water doesn't splash up into the joint seal. Before I put it away I rinse and dry every piece, and let them sit seperatly so that the water evaporates and nothing builds up inside during storage, I keep the dowstem in with the clip on.

  20. I know this is a pretty old thread, but where exactly do you store your downstems? Cuz right now I have five downstems in individual socks in my drawer and would love a better/safer place to store them.

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